Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Corner View: Pets

We have had a sister and brother set of cats
for ten years now.
A friend rescued the pair
with me in mind.
It was a perfect match!

They have moved with me from Seneca Lake to Cincinnati
and to two different homes in Barnesville.
Hopefully this farm house is their last move
and ours too!
Scruffy loves to sit in window sills
or curl up in just about anything.

George isn't a 'curler' - he prefers stretching out when he rests.
For the past year his favorite reclining position on the couch is

We recently added a dog to our family.
We adopted her from a Siberian Husky rescue.
The woman has a waiting list from animal shelters
but can only handle six at a time.
I saw Ginger online at Howl at the Moon Siberian Husky Rescue.
The rescue home was about an hour from us.
One evening Mike and I drove there after making an appointment
to meet Ginger.
We bonded immediately.
She came right to me and licked my face.
The lady was surprised because Ginger had never done that before.

Ginger is a one-year-old red and white Siberian Husky.
She has the brown eyes of the breed, not the strange blue ones.
She had had everything done and was micro chipped, crate-trained,
and housebroken.
We took her home that night 
and she fit right in.
We love her.
And I especially am happy now that I have 'my dog'.

She lies on a blanket on our couch,
but prefers Mike's old jacket.
In the above picture we are both happy:
the couch is covered and she has her comfort coat.

With a bought bone the first night here.

In our front yard last night
after the "big winter storm" (not so big that first day).

The cats have had a time adjusting.
They were not thrilled,
but have resigned themselves to Ginger being a permanent part
of our household.
I think they hoped she'd go 'home' after a few days,
like my son's dog does after we have dog sat.
But she didn't!

They have stopped hissing at her and will now rub noses.
But neither one will curl up next to her yet.
I think that will eventually occur.

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Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Corner View:Favorite clothes

My favorite clothes are my skirts.
I prefer wearing skirts and simple tops
to wearing slacks.

I grew up wearing dresses/skirts
and my first year of college was at a strict, Christian school
where pants were not permitted for daily wear to classes, the library,
and even the cafeteria.

A routine was born and it has remained.
It's much harder to find slacks that fit right
and a skirt is so 'forgiving' of those areas
that pants reveal as being less than satisfactory.

These colorful skirts are worn throughout spring and summer
and I'm still wearing some now that fall is here.
They are much cooler than slacks in the summer heat.

This one is a bit more tailored
and thus cannot always be worn (when an extra pound or two shows up).

My only button-down one.
It has a full skirt, but the button waistband doesn't like extra pounds either.

I have most of my fall/winter skirts out.
My two basic ones are a brown and a black (not shown) suede-like material
that are wonderful 'boot' skirts.

This is one of only two a-line skirts.
I prefer the fuller ones.
It is wool.

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Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Corner View: Self-protrait

Today's topic is "self-portrait" or "selfie."
I took these last night after a day of teaching.  
Our best mirror is in the downstairs bathroom.

Selfie: holding the camera and aiming for my face.

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