Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Christmas with Doug's kids

 We had Christmas with Doug and his kids on the Saturday after Christmas.  They came for tacos and the opening of presents.  (I think our new Christmas standard meal may be tacos--easy to fix and everybody loves them!)
Peyton and Dillon with some presents.

 The kids each got a big Lego set, some goofy socks, and a workbook.  Peyton's was a math mystery book; she has had another one like it and loved it.  Dillon and Addy got Find the Picture books that they had asked for.
 Addy insisted on putting hers together right away.  It was a smaller one, so didn't take as long.
 The ice palace in Frozen.

 We had a good laugh while we got situated on the couch.  Addison didn't want to sit on a lap, but there was no room otherwise to get us all in, so Grandpa beat her to where she wanted to sit and he landed partially on me.

 The finished product. Scruffy, the girl cat, was hiding, but George wanted in the picture and of course, Ginger.
Peyton, Doug, Addison, and Dillon

Sunday, January 3, 2016

More on our time in Texas over Thanksgiving

 On the Friday after Thanksgiving, we went to George W. Bush's Presidential Library.  Here is Abby at the entrance.   They had a lot of interactive displays throughout.  The kids were quite interested.  Abby especially liked the books set up to be read.  They were part of Laura Bush's display involving her librarian background.
There was also a great exhibit on Christmas at the White House.  They set up special displays throughout the year with the main part remaining.
 The attack on our country on September 11, 2001 exhibit was tremendous and brought tears to our eyes.

  Then that evening we had Christmas together.  Abby got into a pair of Christmas pjs.  Aaron usually does, but didn't this time.

 They love workbooks and I had gotten Spelling ones for kindergarten and first grade.  Abby is still in pre-school but she reads and works on a higher level.  They were thrilled and got into those almost right away.

 Abby got a doll baby that made sucking noises when a pacifier or a bottle is put in her mouth, burped, cooed, and snored.  Abby was thrilled!  She also got Frozen pjs.

 Aaron got a Miami Dolphins Ryan Tannehill t-shirt which he immediately put on.  It's a bit of a story how a young boy in Dallas, TX becomes a Florida Miami Dolphin fan.  But a fan he definitely is!
He also got a soccer ball.

 There was vanilla ice cream with tiny marshmallows and chocolate sauce for a treat.

 She is holding an ornament.  They decorated the tree after we left on Saturday.

 Here she was playing make-believe restaurant.  I was the customer.  Both children have vivid imaginations and can entertain themselves.  I think not watching TV has a  lot to do with that.  They watch a few videos and go to G-rated movies at the theater.  Aaron also watches football games on his mom's tablet.  He was watching Ohio State on Saturday when we left.

 My wonderful husband.

Saturday, January 2, 2016

More of Texas at Thanksgiving

 Abby with Grandpa Mike.  She is wearing a dress that belonged to her mother when she was a little girl.

 Abby, Sara, Jory, and Aaron on Thanksgiving Day.

 I posted this even though I'm not happy with my picture.  I had lost 20 lbs by this picture, but I don't think you can tell it.  Also, my hair was in a lousy style.  I'm trying to grow it out and was doing a short page-boy which is not complementary to me.  I have since changed it to a more swept back and curled look. It suits my face better.  Hopefully, one of these days, I can show it.   Also, since this picture I've lost five more lbs.!

 Abby modeling a princess dress.

 Aaron mesmerized.
 Isn't this a good "men" shot?!  Usually it involves blue jeans, ball caps, and a car. They were trying to do something with the computer and the TV.