Tuesday, June 12, 2018

Our town, like so many others, pack lunches for kids who otherwise might go  without a decent meal.  We do it 5 days a week from the 'headquarters' of Main Street United Methodist Church.  We do 260 lunches in a day.  They go to 3 apartment buildings in our town and 2 very small towns bordering Barnesville: Belmont and Bethesda.  Today, we packed peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, pudding cup, granola bar, and small packets of fruit juwies.  There were 7 of us plus the head person with 3 more persons in the other room doing the 2 outlaying towns - a little more than we needed, but next Tuesday 3 will not be there so we should be just about right.  I and two friends of mine help out on Tuesdays.  Others come on other days. It's a very good cause and I enjoy doing it.  It's fun being with my friends too.  The one is really funny and kept us all laughing. 

Thursday, May 17, 2018

Mother's Day

My son Doug  came to church with me on Mother's Day.  I go to the First United Methodist church, a massive grey stone church in my hometown.  After the service, we had a picture taken in front of the altar.  When my dad was pastor was there for 9 years back in the sixties and early seventies, they needed new pulpit and dad designed this one.  He made it big because he was 6 ft., 3 in.  A pull out step was made so short people could stand on it and reach the mike.  The chairs are massive also.  It's a beautiful set up.
My son also got me a beautiful flower arrangement and a huge card from him, his fiance, and the grandkids.  I need to take pictures of them, but haven't yet.
My daughter always calls from Texas.
It was a very special day.

Tuesday, April 24, 2018

My New Studio!

 My new studio is on the second floor and is 20 by 24 feet.  This  doesn't show the whole length because  I blocked out a double bed and dresser that has stuff piled on them.  I need to tackle that corner.
 Right now everything is lined up below the four windows.  The chair and TV will be moved to down by the end windows.
Looking out a window into the yeard. It's hazy because of the screen.  The yard is mainly dirt and still needs grass sod on it.
 Showing off the deep purple color that I had the alcove painted as an accent wall.
 The desk was Mike's.  He was going to install a counter top almost the whole length of the alcove but I liked the roomier desk.  The counter would have been narrower and I wouldn't have a place for the chest with the printer on top.  We're going to paint it.  The dresser was my dad's.  The artist desk has been put  away for 24 years.  It is now 'seeing daylight'.
 Pictures of the flooring.  It's a distressed white with gray undertones.

Looking out the other end and down the hall past a closet on either side leading into the old office which eventually will be a full bath.  Right now we have a half bath. You  can see way down into the old master bedroom.  We have a new master bedroom downstairs near the full bath which has been there all along.  We would take our stuff downstairs to get ready every morning.  Now we have two walk-in closets in the new bedroom.  I will show it another time.

Saturday, April 21, 2018

The baby of the family

 This is the baby of our family.  Andrew Roy (Roy was my dad's name) was 11 months at the time of these pictures.
 This my daughter Sara holding her son who was a surprise, but a welcome one.  With the other two 6 and 8 (now 7 and 9), she is really getting to enjoy Andrew.
Grandpa was his favorite--he wasn't too sure about me!

I'm just now getting my Christmas pictures off my camera and I came upon these pictures of Andrew and had to show them off.  I adore this kid!  He is so happy and self-amused--a great baby!  Can you tell I'm proud?! 

Sara and her husband Jory and their children: Aaron, Abigail, and Andrew stayed with us for four days.  Thanks to the new addition, everyone had their own room which helped everyone sleep longer.
There are three bedrooms upstairs now plus the old office which is where the baby slept.

Abigail got the new studio which she loved.  It has an accent wall of purple and the sheets on the bed are purple --her favorite color.  She was quite happy and had to tell everyone about her room!
Sara and Jory  got our old master bedroom and Aaron slept in what had been the only guest room.
Mike and I slept in our new master bedroom downstairs which we love.
Sara and family loved the arrangement.  At her dad's they would have shared one big room.  With five in the family it would have been quite crowded and they would have had trouble getting everyone to sleep at the same time.
I was thrilled we could offer them this freedom.  We all enjoyed our time together--lots of fun!

Wednesday, April 18, 2018

Oldest granddaugher and a dance

Peyton is 15 now.  This was for a St. Patrick's Day dance. That's a jumper she has on meaning shorts not skirt.  I gulped when I saw the shortness of it, but then I remembered how short I wore my skirts in high school. Check out those shoes!  She loves them! So do I!

 Peyton is the oldest of my son Doug's kids, though he has a 19 yr. old step-son Colton who is studying in Austria this semester on an exchange from his school: Ohio University of Athens, Ohio.
Peyton will get  her permit in 6 months.  I'm curious to see what kind of car she drives.  Her dad's truck  is a company vehicle so he'll get her something to kick around in. He's looking now for a good used one that's not pricey but of course, is safe.

The weather was a 'balmy' 45 but the temps are to plummet and more snow tonight.   I don't know where spring went to, but I wish it would find its way  back!

Monday, April 16, 2018

I'm Back after Two Years!

My magnolia tree is just beginning to bloom, so I'm using pictures from last year.   We had 70 degrees on Saturday and now the temp is dropping and it's spitting snow.
My daffodils are either still debating whether to bloom or have died. I don't know which.  The following pictures are from two years ago.

I have been absent from blogging for two years.  Why am I back now? Due to the fibromyalgia I have to rest a lot.  I've been sleeping and reading mostly.   Well, I was laid up with a broken foot for three months --long story---so that limited me big time. ( I've kept a record of all the books I've read in by "Book Notebook" but offhand, I don't know how many there are.)
My new studio has a desk with my computer set up on it and flooring on the floor - a distressed grayish white.  The desk is in front of four big windows, so I now have a really awesome place to work.  (We added on a three room addition to our house and the top floor is my studio.)  I was crammed into a corner of an office before and I couldn't see out the window.  So I will enjoy blogging more.  I will show pictures in the future.  My camera is downstairs.
My foot is healed up and I'm back subbing two or three times a week.  I still enjoy that. (I've been retired from teaching 3 years now.)
I need to update my blog, but that will come in time.  I hope someone stops by, but if not, I'll enjoy writing again.