Saturday, December 27, 2014

Thanksgiving festivities

Sara and her family were up from Texas over Thanksgiving. We got together with Doug and his family and her and hers the Friday after TDay.
We took the yearly pictures. The kids thought Ginger should be in with Mike and me.

A glimpse of some of the gift opening.  Look at all that room!
It's so much better than the tiny bungalow's living room.

A pile up on Grandpa.

The kids and grandkids and a girlfriend and a husband.

This will probably be on our Christmas card next year.

My two wonderful children Sara and Doug.

We celebrated Sara's December birthday while she was here.

Sara monitors the children's sweets and cake is a rarity for them.
Both children love cake and ice cream and it's an outstanding treat for them.
They can count on it at our house during the holidays.
They become quite engrossed in eating.

I was able to give Aaron and Abby their baths.
Doug's kids have outgrown this and it was nice to once more be able to load up the cups with soap foam and laugh at their antics.

Their dad wanted them outside for awhile, so I took them out to help me feed the birds and the deer.
There is corn by their feet. Of course Ginger had to help!

It is wonderful having a yard for them to walk around in.

For the last three years I have taken Sara and family to the airport in time to have lunch at Max and Irma's there.  It is a nice tradition.
Abby was quietly coloring and just stuck this spoon in her mouth (nothing on it) and kept on coloring.  I thought it warranted a photo.

I'm back from an extended break.  I just couldn't juggle everything and I wanted to be calm, cool, and collected with all the important stuff done for the family times.  So I cut out posting and reading others' posts.  I did read two books in-between all the getting ready.
We've had some wonderful times. I'll share some more later.