Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Corner View: Pretty Eyesore

We own one acre beside my husband's family home.
His sister owns the acre the home is on and she lives there.
We own the two barns that belonged to his dad.
They are full of antique equipment,
 tools (antique, just old, and some just junk),
his dad's antique tractors
and Mike's present ones---
all kinds of stuff.

It's a snapshot of Appalachia,
which is the part of the United States
where we were born, grew up,
and still live. 

This shed used to shelter their horse
and then his niece's goats.
Now it houses 'stuff'.

The entrance-way between the two barns.
I like the old bricks and the rusted gray door surrounded by red steel
 in the big barn
and the weathered, peeling paint of the small shed.
I think it's a pretty eyesore---it all is.
However, if we had built our house here,
the prettiness would probably have vanished
and 'eyesore' remain.
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Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Corner View: What Makes Me Happy

Puttering with plants
is one of the activities
that make me happy.
It relaxes me,
nurtures my artistic side,
and is the best exercise 
for the fibromyalgia
(at least for me).

Since this is our first spring in the farmhouse,
everything is new.
I'm mixing what they had
with new plants I've bought.

Back porch

A side yard

Front door area

Tomato plants
and more flowers
waiting to be planted

A fine example of some of the beauty the previous owner
left for me to enjoy.
And enjoy I do !

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Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Corner View: Good Memories

 My mother made the red outfit for my daughter Sara.
I saved it and now her daughter Abigail can wear it.

Also an outfit of Sara's.
My mother sewed almost all my maternity clothes
a lot of Sara's clothes.
I kept quite a few of them.
Good memories of my mother 
and the time, effort, and love 
she gave to me and mine.

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