Thursday, December 12, 2013

Corner View:Adult Blankie

The topic was chosen by me.  It was to be 'adult blankie' for that something that we have kept and find comfort in.  I gave an alternative topic in case it was thought that the blankie one might be difficult.  Well,
it 'got lost in translation' because the two were strung together somehow-at least in some cases.  But that's one of the cool aspects of corner view: we interpret the topic as we see fit and thus bring uniqueness 'to the table'.

My 'adult blankie' is a sweater - actually three sweaters. They all belonged to my father who was 6'3" and around 300 pounds.  I am 5'6" and nowhere close to 300 pounds, so the sweaters do not even remotely fit. But I wear them anyway.  I keep one in my locker at school (pictured to the above), one on the back of the bathroom door here at the farm house, and one on a hook in the hallway of our trailer at the lake(I don't have a pic of it).

The one at school I put on when I am cold and have not layered up for the day so am in need of a extra layer.  I also wrap up in  it when I put my feet up and take a quick nap before driving home.

I wear the blue one pictured below over whatever I am wearing around the house. I have it on over my pjs as I type this(I stayed home from school today).
I have just recently started going through the memorabilia of my parents ---particularly my dad's sermons.  I can now do it without being rendered useless by tears.  I have held onto things that I should have sent to a brother so he could organize them (dad's sermons).  I just couldn't 'deal' with the sorting and packing and letting go.

The sweaters never bothered me like the other things did.They have always simply brought comfort---thus the 'adult blankie' topic.

I am late in putting this out and Francesca has moved on to another post.
However, you can still access corner view and see how everyone
interpreted the topic.  Click on Fuoriborgo and visit.

[I usually have jeans and a t-shirt or pjs on when I wear the blue sweater.  But I wanted to get a picture and did not want it to be me in my pjs.  So I had my husband take one of me when I got home from school yesterday.]

Wednesday, December 4, 2013

corner view: view on my street

If you had driven on our street past our house two weeks ago and had been very alert, you would have seen this 'guy' over in our front yard.  My husband's nephew, who he consulted, said that the buck was just getting a bit of a rest during mating season.

This is the view from our living room looking out 
over the front yard and field
to the house across the street.

Here is that same view
after it began to snow last week.

This is the other house across from us.
Every house in this addition has to be 
on at least an acre for leach bed and septic tank rules.
The home you're viewing
is on two or three acres.
(We have eight.)

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Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Corner View: Pets

We have had a sister and brother set of cats
for ten years now.
A friend rescued the pair
with me in mind.
It was a perfect match!

They have moved with me from Seneca Lake to Cincinnati
and to two different homes in Barnesville.
Hopefully this farm house is their last move
and ours too!
Scruffy loves to sit in window sills
or curl up in just about anything.

George isn't a 'curler' - he prefers stretching out when he rests.
For the past year his favorite reclining position on the couch is

We recently added a dog to our family.
We adopted her from a Siberian Husky rescue.
The woman has a waiting list from animal shelters
but can only handle six at a time.
I saw Ginger online at Howl at the Moon Siberian Husky Rescue.
The rescue home was about an hour from us.
One evening Mike and I drove there after making an appointment
to meet Ginger.
We bonded immediately.
She came right to me and licked my face.
The lady was surprised because Ginger had never done that before.

Ginger is a one-year-old red and white Siberian Husky.
She has the brown eyes of the breed, not the strange blue ones.
She had had everything done and was micro chipped, crate-trained,
and housebroken.
We took her home that night 
and she fit right in.
We love her.
And I especially am happy now that I have 'my dog'.

She lies on a blanket on our couch,
but prefers Mike's old jacket.
In the above picture we are both happy:
the couch is covered and she has her comfort coat.

With a bought bone the first night here.

In our front yard last night
after the "big winter storm" (not so big that first day).

The cats have had a time adjusting.
They were not thrilled,
but have resigned themselves to Ginger being a permanent part
of our household.
I think they hoped she'd go 'home' after a few days,
like my son's dog does after we have dog sat.
But she didn't!

They have stopped hissing at her and will now rub noses.
But neither one will curl up next to her yet.
I think that will eventually occur.

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Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Corner View:Favorite clothes

My favorite clothes are my skirts.
I prefer wearing skirts and simple tops
to wearing slacks.

I grew up wearing dresses/skirts
and my first year of college was at a strict, Christian school
where pants were not permitted for daily wear to classes, the library,
and even the cafeteria.

A routine was born and it has remained.
It's much harder to find slacks that fit right
and a skirt is so 'forgiving' of those areas
that pants reveal as being less than satisfactory.

These colorful skirts are worn throughout spring and summer
and I'm still wearing some now that fall is here.
They are much cooler than slacks in the summer heat.

This one is a bit more tailored
and thus cannot always be worn (when an extra pound or two shows up).

My only button-down one.
It has a full skirt, but the button waistband doesn't like extra pounds either.

I have most of my fall/winter skirts out.
My two basic ones are a brown and a black (not shown) suede-like material
that are wonderful 'boot' skirts.

This is one of only two a-line skirts.
I prefer the fuller ones.
It is wool.

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Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Corner View: Self-protrait

Today's topic is "self-portrait" or "selfie."
I took these last night after a day of teaching.  
Our best mirror is in the downstairs bathroom.

Selfie: holding the camera and aiming for my face.

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Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Corner View: All the Small Things

For this topic, I decided to feature the small things
that help my day at school go easier.

The timer is for DRD - Designated Reading Day.
The kids read a book of their choice - usually fiction - for 25 minutes
and then write a 2 paragraph summery.
Two of the glass jars originally contained my favorite jelly 
from a friend.
These jars and the big glass container hole clips to keep all my many papers in order.
And of course, what teacher could go through a day
without a stapler and scissors?
(The small pink gift box is an origami present left me by a substitute.)

Tape, highlighters, notepad, and the cute school holders a friend bought me years ago.

I keep a seasonal coaster on my desk to keep my water from leaving a wet ring.

My keys are less likely to go astray if they are on an elastic wrist band.
The Texas key holder is in honor of my wonderful and cherished visits
to Texas to visit my daughter and her family 
(plus it immediately identifies the keys as mine).

A cute little paper holder so I can see the words to type.

This small dish was given me years ago also
and I use it to hold peppermints.

What teacher can get by without misc. note pads?

And last but not least, my favorite characters dance on the chalk board behind me.
With them are a favorite saying and the latest newspaper clipping of my son.
(He walked 12 hours to raise money and awareness for the Leukemia/Lymphoma Society.)

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Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Corner View: Sacred Place

At first I wasn't sure what to feature 
for the topic sacred place,
but as I pondered over it,
I kept coming back to the memorials in Washington D C.
My husband and I took my father about 9 years ago
to visit my brother and his family in Harrisburg, PA.
Together we took Dad to see the WWII monument.
It was a cold day and Dad was hurting,
so he didn't see everything that we saw,
but he saw what mattered the most to him.

I have featured Dad and the Washington trip before.
For those of you who are new to my blog,
my dad was a POW in Germany during WWII.
He was captured during the Battle of the Bulge.

[Click on all photos to see them larger.
That will especially help with the quotes
and the space capsule monuments.]

Here is the pool of fountains that makes up part of the WWII monument.
The Washington monument is in the background.
Below are more photos of it.

 All around the monument are famous quotes from that time period.

Here is Dad.
Note the words beside him
and in the next photo.

These are glimpses of  the Korean War monument.

The one above and the next few are in memory of those who fought in 
the Vietnam War.

Below is the wall of names.

My husband's hand is underneath a casualty from our small town.
I still remember when we got word of Bill Young Jr.'s death.
His family lived down the street from us
and they were members of my dad's church.
Dad had the funeral.

This one particularly struck me.
The nurses of the Vietnam War were unsung heroes for many years.

Next are the memorials to members of two space capsules
that were casualties in our country's race to space.
In the middle of them is one dedicated to members of our armed forces
who died trying to free American hostages in Iran
April 25, 1980.

Then there is the cemetery.
There is a hush that came upon me
in reverence to those who died for our freedom.
The Tomb of the Unknown Soldier.

All of these are sacred places (to me)
where we pay homage to those who helped
keep our country and parts of the world free
throughout the years.

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