Sunday, May 16, 2010

A Peek at the Prom

Last night was our country school's prom.  We had it in town in a different county--one that has a lot more to offer for eating, shopping, and having a prom.  The teacher in charge likes to think outside the box, so this year they tried a new venue rather than the usual convention center (not talking big city convention center, but big by country folks standards).  This place had a restaurant, a small banquet room, and a large event room.  We teachers always meet and have dinner first.  This year we could eat and then walk downstairs, through a door, and we were there--wonderful!

This is the lady in charge.  She's a dear friend of mine whose room is across from mine.  She's one of the pillars that holds this small school together and we're already wondering what we'll do when she retires in two or three years. 

The theme was "A Night in the City" and was pulled off with  giant pained pictures of city scenes.  "Artists" at the local prison made the wood frames and then painted the pictures.  The canvases can be rolled up and saved for another year.  The frames were taken apart and can also be saved.  One of parents of one of the students on the committee works at the prison and said that this is a service the prison offers.  Wow---talented men!

Up on the balcony was a wooden Eiffel Tower where the pictures were taken.  The woman is the
while blouse is our art teacher and her senior son is in the blue vest.  Jackets were taken off soon after entering, and then shirts and ties and only vests, pants, and shoes remained.

 One of the most beautiful girls (definitely the most beautiful eyes) there and a true sweetheart.  She got the most votes for Prom Queen, but the high school has a rule that a girl (always a senior) can only be queen once and this young lady was our Homecoming Queen.  She may well have been our Sweetheart Queen too---that's how much the students like her.  She's kind and nice to everyone---I don't think there is a catty streak in her. 
She and I always meet in the hall on Tuesday and Wednesday mornings to compare notes about Dancing with the Stars and giggle.

Now here comes A. and J.---Lexi's best buddies.  They truly rocked the night away.

J. on left and A. on right.
A. on left and J. on right.

My "girls."

I stayed and helped my friend clean up.  It was a long night, but was worth the time and effort.  By the time I got down to our lake place and unwound enough to sleep, it was 2A.M.  To round out the weekend there was a Sunday afternoon birthday party for my son's two youngest.  I'm feeling a bit tired tonight!:)
A good tired.
One more pic before I go.

Three more of my junior girls.  Great students---smart and funny.  Don't you love B's azure dress?!  The skirt was so "ethereal" and fit for a princess.


  1. Looks like a great evening! They all look wonderful!

  2. What fun to see the pretty dresses and the happy smiles and the interaction between all of you.


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