Saturday, June 19, 2010

Sat. morn

There were 4 separate packets with15 extensive questions in each of  the first two, a 3-4 page essay with strict margins, spacing, and font as the third part, and then for the fourth part I had to devolop five days of EXTENSIVE lesson plans using a minimum of 3 stories. I put down 20 hours total, but I know I had much more time in it.  That was a decent approximate estimate.
I actually learned a lot from it and enjoyed doing it (would have enjoyed it a whole lot more if not on such a short deadline, but that's on me).

This is what it all looked like when I was done.  I mailed the big course this morning.  The little one will go out Tuesday morning.  I have to have some real students (ooops--school's out!) and I can use my neighbors' kids in Cinci (4 high school sophomores) ---we're close friends and the kids will oblige since it's not an actual school assignment for them.
I took way too long doing it.  I"m an English teacher---I can't just slap something together for a passing grade, shrug my shoulders, and move on.  My "integrity" is at stake (at least in my mind).
Pray that it will get graded quickly.  And believe me, God has shown me some important points about myself and my fears and my fibromyalgia.  I'm learning!
So I mailed it.  I was going to take a picture of our quaint Post Office and instead my camera case, which was open,  "allowed" my camera to fall out of the case, out of the car, and onto the pavement.  It did not want to take any pictures after that!
But before I went to the Post Office, I went to our Farmer's Market (without my camera which I left in cloth bag that I should have kept it in, setting on my kitchen counter.
But I did take some pics of some of the goodies before leaving for the Post Office.  Planned to take more later, but-----no camera.

Big onions, huh?!

Rhubarb pie--just rhubarb--tastes like apple. As you can see, I've already tasted it!  The woman who makes it is married to the man who grew the onions.  His grandmother is the one we bought the house from.  (She turned 92).  Anyhow, small world--especially in a small town.
I'm out to work with my flowers.
Blessings to you all!


  1. Everything done. Hurray! Enjoy working with your flowers.

  2. The pie looks inviting ... and it sounds like you made good progress.

  3. Lots of fun pieces... thanks for sharing.

    I should have been out working on my flowers today, also, but ended up posting on both blogs and it took hours. SO... tomorrow I'll plant and weed...


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