Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Corner view---reflection

Reflection of 'stuff'
an accumulation of individual items
each with its own spot and purpose.

But jumbled together so some remodeling could be completed
to aid in selling the house,
the result is more of a hodge podge
that does not effectively reflect our lives.

Now the hodge podge is all packed away
in carefully marked boxes
and stored until we buy another house.

This photo was taken before the stripping of walls
and packing of boxes.

You see a contemporary metal vase
with real-like flowers,
a stained glass edged mirror,
and a tiny print of Ireland
where we celebrated turning 50 together.
This is a much more coherent reflection of the mix that is us.

But if you look closely at the mirror,
you will see a corner of 'something' reflected

It is a quilt made by a grandmother
handed down with love.

This reflects our foundation:
love mixed in with frugality
and a strong work ethic.

There were daughters in the family and no sons.
This graced one of their beds.

There are other reflections.
Those of nature in bodies of water.
I find peace in water.
I can sit and ponder beside a lake or the ocean for hours.

Some reflections are bright.

Others are more somber.

At those times, my thoughts aren't as clear
just as the water is murky and less reflective.

Sometimes, the reflections can seem menacing,
showing forms hovering.
Other times the reflections are crisp and clear
and I perk up just gazing at them.

Reflecting with God's Word:

And thine ears shall hear a word behind thee,
saying, This is the way, walk ye in it, when ye turn to the right hand,
and when ye turn to the left.
Isaiah 30:20


  1. Good thinking. [also good pics]

  2. i like that kind of reflections... i also enjoyed that little walk through your house.
    good luck with moving, yeah?

  3. Reflections become the garden of the soul.

  4. I enjoy taking time to reflect it quenches the thirst. Happy house prepping. xo

  5. Wonderful "Sunbonnet Sue" quilt ... and thoughts.

  6. a lovely mosaic of reflections...

  7. you have me reflecting...

  8. These are real reflections, of the kind that take you through some of your life.

  9. This was wonderful Beth.
    I love the sweet little quilt. My Mom made one just like it for one of the great granddaughters. Sunbonnet Sue.
    I find sitting by the water (especially the ocean) so restful and peaceful. The pictures are just lovely.
    Have a blessed weekend!

  10. so much to reflect upon in our lives...thank you for sharing your memories and wisdom in your beautiful images and words.

  11. just left a comment re. murky waters. funny.
    oh well, as long as we all do our best to be our best...

  12. Thank you for sharing your precious home treasures as you pack them away for a while and also the photos of the lake where you can walk and reflect. God's Word of guidance Is. 30.20 is so reassuring.


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