Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Barn Charm #57

I can just see a glimpse of this barn from the driveway of my hair stylist's.
Even my hair stylist has a barn beside her shop with goats and horses!
(I've featured them before.)

Sunday drive to check out leaves and a house for sale.
(No go on the house.)
I like the cows and fence in the foreground.
A few came up to see if I would feed them.

I zoomed in to get a better shot.
It's tiny by barn size standards,
but still a barn.

Then there is this beauty. 
I love the faded red and the color of autumn surrounding it.
Notice the color of the leaves growing up the side---pretty, huh?!
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  1. THe setting of the first one is pretty - love that winding path! Love that second ones paint job!

  2. great fall views. i love the 2nd or last shot. (:

  3. Gorgeous setting in all these shots!

  4. lovin the red barn & the fence & fall colors of the last one, but that 1st one has quite the scenery surrounding it, doesn't it! WoW! The surrounding ridge is gorgeous!

    Thanks for joining =)

  5. Beautiful images! You can see the Wal-Mart from my hair stylist's... not quite the same!

  6. did the cows like your hairstyle?

  7. The barns truly do look better with surrounding fall leaves.

  8. The barns truly do look better with surrounding fall leaves.

  9. Love the scenery in each shot, the last red beauty is my fav!

  10. I love barns, too....old ones with stories to tell....they are my favorite! I also love windmills, flowers, critters of all shapes and sizes and my grandkids! Nice pictures!


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