Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Barn Charm #60

The sunlight was incredibly bright and coming from the wrong direction
for me to get great photos of this barn.
I am still learning the tricks of my camera;
thus, I still get the blue flashes sometimes.

It was up to the right off a part dirt/part gravel road
that I took out of curiosity.
This is west of my small town,
 in the area
where I like to explore with my camera.

It is deserted as is the house to the left of it and the barn across from it.
(That barn was featured awhile ago.)

Fences are still up and "No Trespassing!" signs,
but Mother Nature is beginning to take over.

The house is below.  I imagine if I had gone back in August,
I would have been able to see very little of it
as the overgrowth tends to hide things.

I'm sure at one point it was a lovely hillside farm.
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  1. You called that "blue flashes"....maybe....but read this article.

    We had 3 different cameras at the time this story came out. I posted this story on my blog, then showed the pictures I had taken with the same "phenomenon" in SOME of my pictures....all three cameras....and they interviewed a camera shop in Waco called Padgetts at the time to see if the woman's photos had been tampered with....they had not. Padgetts had been in business for as long as I can remember, so they were a respectable business with professionals. We occasionally have those pop back into pictures, different places, different times. Here's the link to the pictures I posted:!/2010/12/are-these-same-things.html

    It's something to think about. There was nothing on our lenses. We couldn't believe someone else had them inexplicably in their photos, too. :)

  2. Oh, I got so excited about that, I forgot to say something about the barn and house. The house looks very sad. I imagine at one time, there were family members running up those steps to celebrate the holidays with their grandmother and can almost hear "goodnight, John Boy" coming from the windows. The tree that stands guarding the front door seems to say "no one allowed, keep out".

  3. so sad that the house and farm just sit there so lonely and forgotten. i bet there were great memories made there back in the day...

  4. It looks like it was a nice barn in it's time. It's still very charming but so sad that it and the house are all just let go.

  5. So sad to see things falling apart...I often wonder if people put no trespassing signs on places partly due to not wanting to be sued if someone gets hurt.

  6. I really hope this was a happy farm before it was left to fall into ruin! Very interesting old buildings.

  7. What a grand place this must have been at some time. Now I'm off to check out the link that was shared above.

  8. So sad in a way to see Mother Nature reclaiming the land, but good that you were able to capture a lovely barn before its gone.

  9. I particularly like the last two photos, especially the one with the steps. You can just imagine what the place used to be like when it was inhabited.

  10. Fantastic! What a cool barn! I really like the house too! What an amazing find!

  11. It always intrigues me as to what happened so bad that made people abandon their home never to return! How can anyone afford to do that? This looks like what was once a pretty nice house & barn, too. I feel so sorry for the owners... where'd they go? How'd they make it? Did they make it? Why didn't they sell the place? How'd they start somewhere over in another location? Or did they?
    I'm always so full of questions, like a lil kid! LoL! =)

  12. great shots. love seeing all the views.

    finally getting around to commenting on this barn charm ... away for a anniversary trip. big hugs. (:

  13. i just love all of these old buildings and barns !!!


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