Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Corner View: All the Small Things

For this topic, I decided to feature the small things
that help my day at school go easier.

The timer is for DRD - Designated Reading Day.
The kids read a book of their choice - usually fiction - for 25 minutes
and then write a 2 paragraph summery.
Two of the glass jars originally contained my favorite jelly 
from a friend.
These jars and the big glass container hole clips to keep all my many papers in order.
And of course, what teacher could go through a day
without a stapler and scissors?
(The small pink gift box is an origami present left me by a substitute.)

Tape, highlighters, notepad, and the cute school holders a friend bought me years ago.

I keep a seasonal coaster on my desk to keep my water from leaving a wet ring.

My keys are less likely to go astray if they are on an elastic wrist band.
The Texas key holder is in honor of my wonderful and cherished visits
to Texas to visit my daughter and her family 
(plus it immediately identifies the keys as mine).

A cute little paper holder so I can see the words to type.

This small dish was given me years ago also
and I use it to hold peppermints.

What teacher can get by without misc. note pads?

And last but not least, my favorite characters dance on the chalk board behind me.
With them are a favorite saying and the latest newspaper clipping of my son.
(He walked 12 hours to raise money and awareness for the Leukemia/Lymphoma Society.)

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  1. What a wonderful assortment of objects! I love the story you have to tell with each of them!

  2. for sure efficient organisation, you are the one to turn to.
    happy memories as well, stick to your desk top paraphernalia!
    wonderful. n♥

  3. Tigger and Pooh! Adorable, they always make me smile :)

  4. You are very organized, but as a teacher you'd have to be!

  5. Yes, it is the small things thant make us feel like at home when we are away from home.

  6. I like your choice of small things for this one. :)

  7. I'll bet you are a wonderful teacher.

  8. I would love 25 minutes to read during the day! (And I gladly write about it :-) )

  9. what a great post!
    here a pooh small thing:
    “Sometimes,' said Pooh, 'the smallest things take up the most room in your heart.”
    ― A.A. Milne


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