Monday, February 11, 2013

Turning 59

I turned 59 last Friday.
It was a wonderful day and a superb weekend.
I took the weekend off to enjoy 'being'.
[I am a bit anxious as to how much that will cost me this coming school week!]

I've included some different shots with different settings
of the GORGEOUS roses sent to me 
by my daughter Sara and her husband and children in Texas.
Folks, I love fresh flowers and esp. pastel and white roses.
I felt like maybe I'd been an esp. good mother this year. ;)

A box of chocolate candy accompanied the roses.

I have been absent from the blogging world.
It's typical early February reclusiveness.
My mother died 14 years ago this month and I miss her so much,
but esp. on my birthday.
She spoiled me so and no one other than my dad has ever made me feel
 so incredibly special 
as she did.
I've learned to just retreat some and meditate on my blessings--
it wards off the depression of the old days.

This Week's Prayer of Grace
Dear Lord,
when I open my heart to You, 
I am blessed.
Today, I will praise You, Father,
as I accept Your love and Your wisdom.
And, I will do my best to continue to grow in my faith
every day that I live.

This is why I remind you to keep using the gift God gave you 
when I laid my hands on you.
Now let it grow,
as a small flame grows into a fire.
2 Timothy 1:6 NCV

Blessings to you all as you begin this week!


  1. Happy belated birthday! The roses are just gorgeous and I can see why you feel special.
    We never get over missing our Moms I think. Mine has been gone for almost 10 years now. You're smart to dwell on your blessings though.

  2. What a beautiful array of roses. Hope your birthday was the beginning of a wonderful year for you.

  3. pretty roses.
    i still have your card in my car. casey and i have been sick, but, i will get it in the mail eventually. this bug likes to hang on....stupid bug. i am beginning to get a bit cranky in self pity and cabin fever,( as well as sick fever) but, God is being good to me and having all patience with me.

  4. Belated Happy Birthday Beth. The roses are exquisite. There is something about roses...
    I understand you're wanting to retreat during this season. How wonderful that you have learned to meditate on the blessings.

  5. Happy belated birthday, Beth! Those roses are absolutely gorgeous!

  6. Happy Birthday, Beth....a little late :)

  7. Happy belated birthday, Beth. Your roses in pastel colours are

  8. I wrote a comment. Somehow it didn't go through I think. Might have hit a wrong button.

    Oh, well. I guess if nothing else this is best:

    Lovely roses; lovely birthday.

  9. happy birthday Beth! i hope all the love and flowers you received, and your retreat, helped you enjoy the celebration.


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