Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Barn Charm # 77

I have been taking photos of several barns out west of town
and showing the seasonal changes through them.
The smaller photos of each barn is from April of last year
before that terrible storm in June that wreaked havoc throughout
the US and other places.
The larger ones were taken this past Saturday.
As you can see, the differences in the seasons are obvious.
So is the storm damage.

This is the Ohio State barn, but I wasn't able to get a photo of the other side--the side that has
the Buckeye painted on it.  The smaller one is an April shot with the larger one being a June one.

As for the other two barns,
seeing them was difficult.
You really would have had to strain your eyes and use your imagination 
looking at a photo
to see the one through the leaves.
The other one was invisible to me,
although I knew it was there behind all that foliage.

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  1. I enjoyed seeing these at the different times...always a good idea if we could only do it.

  2. They're great barns, love the fences in the 1st couple shots

    Thanks for joining =)

  3. It's sad to see the damage on such icons of the past...

  4. Great barns, Beth... You all have some neat ones up there. I remember the beautiful barns and farmlands when we drove through your state.... Gorgeous!!!

    Are you getting excited about the move?

  5. Great pictures! The red one is really pretty. Twyla

  6. That storm certainly did a number on that one barn!


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