Saturday, September 14, 2013

Settled In

Notice that there are no panes in this window.

In order to get this queen sofa bed couch into the living room, we had to remove the panes.  It took 5 men to move it.
 This is the front door.  All the doors are the same size and thus all were too small.

This shows my mom's cedar armoire in its new place.
A glimpse of the chaos that reigned for the rest of that day.
Here is the window with panes back in place.
We put the cats' perch there so Scruffy especially can watch the birds.
(George doesn't use it.  He stretches out on a chest that is set in this alcove.

Here are all most of my potted plants.
I told the guys to just set them there until I figured out where 
they could go.
Most of my potted herbs are still on the screened-in back porch
at the other house.
One of these days we'll cart them down the steps,
load them up and bring them here.

The friend from high school who is now our neighbor
brought brownies for us.

I couldn't resist taking this photo.
As you can see hubby and our cats have settled in well!


Here is the far end of the living room.
It will change eventually, but for now we have chairs for others to sit in.

Here is our dining room.  

I had forgotten about most of these items.
The Orr crock and the grandchildren photo and frame
were the only items put out in the bungalow.
That's because when I moved into the bungalow,
these items were decorating the home in Cinci.

Glass and pewter that had been packed away.

 Here is the kitchen.  It is the most 'settled' of all the rooms. Look at the lovely flowers sent us by friends---aren't they gorgeous!  Uhh, fellow bloggers, what are they?

No pictures are up
and there are still many boxes to be unpacked,
but it feels like home
and we are happier than we've been in a long while.

School is going well,
but there is so much to do.
We have paper work, data, and statistics
to do and put together.

I have my 4 syllabuses done
along with my rules (from last two years) 
and my grading and assignment policy (new this year).
My sub binder is done.

I thought I had my pretests done--
I chose to do unit ones---which was fine last year.
I've just been informed that I need full year pretests
for my data for my SLO 
(new Ohio lingo--it stands for Student Learning Objectives,
so I have to make up new tests this weekend.

I still have my unit lesson plans,
my curriculum map,
and my SLO to do.
Plus I have a class of essays  
and other misc. stuff to grade.

I thought I might get almost caught up this weekend,
until I was thrown the curve ball of the pretests.

But new teams were formed for this year,
and I have help for the first time since these new requirements were put into place.
Before I just had the other English teacher 
and she is a complete loner---no team attitude at all.
So it has been lonely and frustrating during team planning time
for the past few years.
Now I have feedback and encouragement.
It is making a huge difference.

To sum it up, I'm doing well.
I'm happy.

Below are photos of my classroom.

Blessings to you all this weekend!


  1. so good to see and hear that you are all moved-in, and that you and the kitties are good to go.

  2. Wow - you've had a lot of setting up and settling in to do between work and home. It all looks good and I love your kitchen!
    PS - the flower is an orchid.

  3. Wow, Beth---things look GREAT. I'm so happy for you all. Know you must be tired --but it's a 'good' kind of tired I'm sure...

    Glad your school situation is also going well. Thanks be to God.


  4. It's so good to be home, isn't it! Love the shot of your worn-out hubby...he deserves to kick back. I'm glad to hear that your back-to-school days are feeling better than they were last year...keep up the good work!

  5. Such a great update of all your activities. Your new home is already looking welcoming and loved. It must be a wonderful feeling to be "home."

  6. Glad all is going well at school and you're settled in your new home I can see! I always think putting out the family photos and treasured ornaments, unpacking and putting away the crockery is the best part of settling in - and, of course, having more space must be a joy.

  7. House is looking good! Congrats! (Classroom looks good, too!)

  8. Sounds like you've been tremendously busy! (But your new home looks so beautiful and peaceful.)

  9. wonderful!
    (the plant is an orchid - it will last for years, and bloom each year - google how to keep it)

  10. As I said in Corner View, I like your house very much. I like the view, and especially the American window, you can defer. It all looks very cozy.

    How old are the children, who do you teach?


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