Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Corner View: What Makes Me Happy

Puttering with plants
is one of the activities
that make me happy.
It relaxes me,
nurtures my artistic side,
and is the best exercise 
for the fibromyalgia
(at least for me).

Since this is our first spring in the farmhouse,
everything is new.
I'm mixing what they had
with new plants I've bought.

Back porch

A side yard

Front door area

Tomato plants
and more flowers
waiting to be planted

A fine example of some of the beauty the previous owner
left for me to enjoy.
And enjoy I do !

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head on over to Francesca's.


  1. Agree with you, I think gardening is perfect to relax.
    The only problem ... myback is painful later!

  2. it must be exciting to see what the seasons offer you in the new place!

  3. It all looks very nice! It's one of the things that makes me happy, too :)

  4. Gardening can definately make one happy as there is such a calming nature to it!

  5. It's looking good!

    Gardening makes me happy, too.

  6. Everything looks so nice! I love what you bought and the iris are gorgeous!

  7. What a beautiful patch of irises and the planters you have added.

  8. Great job Beth! It all looks lovely. Isn't it amazing the way flowers can make a house look special?
    Hope you really enjoy this first summer at the farmhouse.

  9. The house is a dream for me - still. And beautiful in the summer with the flowers.

  10. Lovely!! I love the look of your new farm-house. Just gorgeous :-)

    Eliza's Dream

  11. i'm still very much in love with your premises! the porches, the fact you have green around the house and no immediate neighbours..; it's a dream to me, it would render me terrificly happy!! n♥

  12. I love the look of your house, Beth. It must be very enjoyable getting to garden in a new place as well as appreciating the plants that the previous owner left.

  13. The flowers are gorgeous, and, it is also obvious that your life/world has changed. Made me grin again.


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