Sunday, September 19, 2010

Monday Prayer concerning work

My desk is a little cluttered., but I 'red it up' (an expression with which you may not be familiar---means pick up/organize/clean) each day before I go home.

I hope you all had a wonderful weekend.  I picked up around the house, cleaned a bit, and then babysat 3 of my grandchildren.  The oldest was at his dad's and stepmother's.    My son and daughter-in-law headed to Aruba for 5 days and 4 nights --all expenses paid---he earned it through his work.  They were quite excited, although they did joke about being alone for all that time---they hoped they still liked each other! :)

Addy Jane had a bit of a "I want mommy" melt-down as they were leaving.  But she's easily distracted and easy to make laugh.  We had a fun evening. The 7-yr.-old  has matured so much---it was a bit of a jolt.
All 3 have 'shot' up  and both the girls' hair has gotten much longer. 

 Dillon and Addy are showing signs of finally being potty trained.  They still wear pull-ups at night.  Dillon chooses his own clothes and dresses himself without any help.  I was impressed with the outfit he put together this morning. 

Peyton is wanting privacy now, which is fine.  I had to smile, but didn't let her see.  Addy and I played "Where's Addy?" with her blanket while Peyton dressed.  When I pulled the blanket from over Addy's head, her hair would flash crimson and gold--incredibly beautiful!  I wish I had a picture to post, but my batteries died and I'd forgotten to put spare in.

After the relief sitter came, I went shopping for pumpkin/fall decorations.  Wednesday begins our annual Pumpkin Festival and it's considered un-barnesville (as in unpatriotic) if you don't decorate.  I enjoy decorating my front porch, especially working with all the colorful mums that I use.

My husband is coming up on Tuesday evening and for the first time since I moved back here, he will be with me for the immensely important pumpkin weighing on Wednesday evening.  Yeah! :)

That night probably draws the biggest crowd.  The first time I went, I walked up by myself and felt a bit foolish.  Then I became fascinated with the process and was so happy I'd ventured out.  It's quite a process to lift and weigh 1200 lbs of pumpkin and we all ooh and ahh when the 'monster' is pronounced.  Hey folks, it's small town America! 

Well here's the Monday prayer which several of you have indicated you enjoy.  Here's to a blessed and wonderful week for us all!

Lord, bless the people I work for and with.  May I always be a blessing and a help to each one of them.  As I come in contact with others in my work, I pray that Your love and peace will flow through me and speak loudly of your goodness.  Enable me to touch them for Your kingdom.
Teach me to excel so that the result of what I do will be pleasing to others.  Enable me to do what I do successfully.
According to Your Word I pray that I will not lag in diligence in my work, but remain fervent in spirit, serving You in everything I do (Romans 12:11).


The blessing of the LORD makes one rich, and He adds not sorrow with it.  Proverbs 10:22

This came from Stormie Omartian's A Book of Prayer.

This is the book I used for a short story course I took this summer.  The stories are truly short which works quite well with my general freshmen English class.  I enjoyed the course, learned a lot, and am looking forward to using this book.  I hope the stories and I will make an impact on my students.


  1. Yes, I will pray for you to have a great week --and for students to have the desire to learn. I admire teachers these days. I have a prayer request also. My blog friend Ruth found out that her hubby has a mass on his pancreas. He is in the hospital. Please pray for Jake (and Ruth).

    Sounds like you had a good weekend with the grandchildren...


  2. It sounds good that you and the kids got to be together.

    And the pumpkin weighing sounds very entertaining.

  3. yea for small town America ... and teachers and grandparents ...

  4. LOVE that your town has a pumpkin festival. So neat. Glad you felt well enough to enjoy your grandkids - may you have grace and strength for your work week!

  5. You're not a bored woman, by any possible chance! Busy, yes! Bored, NO.


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