Thursday, September 2, 2010

Simple joy--a little boy and mega blocks

simple joy
mega blocks
his eyes sparkle
with the light of happiness

  no tv shows for him
who's sponge bob?
he hasn't a clue

 take him through target
and he's unaware
all the movie characters'likenesses and related 'stuff'
overloading the shelves

he sees the mega blocks
remembers another grandma's house in ohio
with these cool colorful blocks
that stick together
did you know they could do that?

the other ohio grandma
visiting him in texas
wants to buy him a toy
the mega blocks win
hands down.
but he didn't say no
to the dump truck

 the next day
he drags the bag of  blocks around
making his happy sounds
and brightening grandma's world
with his huge smile

later he patiently and methodically
fills the dump truck with stones
only certain ones will do
and they have to come
from the spot
at the side of the house
so back and forth
he's intent
seemingly tireless

grandma forgets it's texas in august
and the inside of the house
is really the place to be

no, this is the place to be
walking beside her grandson
the one who reminds her of another man
the one some folks called big roy
his genes most likely are lengthening this boy's frame
stretching his feet to sizes that should not fit yet
but. . . do

big roy would laugh heartily
at this little guy
figuring out how to open a big glass door
so all the kids could scurry to their mamas
 sitting and talking
knowing their children are safe and content
in the play area of the restaurant
for now
blessed uninterrupted conversation

but . . . wait
look at that!
how in the world?
the 17-month-old
not only has opened the door
he's holding it open
big feet
huge heart
simple joy

i so want to believe
my dad and mom are beaming down from above
can they see us from heaven
is that part of the package?

tomorrow i scatter their ashes
don't want to
don't know why i don't
i sit here and cry
it's been 4 1/2 years since big roy left
and 9 1/2 since we said goodbye to her
it still hurts

i've got 5 grandkids and one on the way
joy they all bring

this one in texas
well  . . . he tugs hard on my heartstrings
i see my dad in him
know that God has given us a wonderful gift
a little boy
who smiles readily
who enjoys people
who--well . .  who simply enjoys life

just like his great-grandpa did
it's that simple

Blessed are the people that know the joyful sound:
they shall walk, O Lord,
in the light of thy countenance.
Psalm 89:15
a late contribution to imperfect prose on thursdays


  1. There is no greater joy then to connect with the pure innocence of a young child and his world and follow him around, it feels good to the heart.

    Too soon the world will be part of his world even without TV. sigh,


  2. Simply heartwarming!! Your little grandson is so cute! Don't you wish our little ones could hold on to that innocence a little longer than they do?

  3. Beth, this was beautiful. Deeply, tenderly touching. I didn't know you were scattering your parents' ashes tomorrow. I know that will be hard.

    I do believe that your mom and dad can see and rejoice at these things. Perhaps the sad things are shadowed, or perhaps in seeing God's full picture, nothing is sad in heaven. I once read a quote from Peter Marshall that said something like, "If the Spirit of God lives in us, and our loved ones are with Him, then they are always with us as well." I like that thought.

    And thank you for your prayers. My afternoon was horrible, but somehow putting my grief into words and sharing my burden with those who respond in such compassion and love is very healing. I'm not feeling quite so bad right now. And I'm sitting up, writing this, so that's got to be an improvement, right?

    Praying for you, friend. I know you've had a tiring week and tomorrow won't be easy.

  4. oh, oh, friend... i'm welling up... i hardly have words, except to say, i get this. i have such love for my mom and dad... i can't imagine when they're gone; and to see your father in your grandson--oh, the tragic blessing, hey? what a beautiful grandboy he is... i love how intent, how pure, he is... this is a beautiful post. thank you.

  5. P.S. I found out, today, that Kim also suffers from fibromyalgia. You may have noticed that I gave her the link to your blog in a comment on her post from today. I thought you two might be an encouragement to one another. Here's her link:

  6. This was a great post that brought tears to my eyes...and great pictures.

  7. There's a special comfort in seeing the interconnectedness of generations. Like tracing a path back to familiar place . . "she has his eyes, he walks like Grandpa, he has that same laugh" Thank you for sharing the connection between your grandson and your father. It is beautiful.

  8. Beautiful! Oh there's just nothing like a grandson! Thank you for your kind encouragement over on my blog!

  9. Your words are beautiful and make me cry.

  10. This is just beautiful! I've got a lump in my throat!


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