Monday, December 26, 2011

Barn Charm #22

On our drive back from Dayton, Ohio
when we got on Route 40 to photograph barns,
these were our first two close-ups.
We drove down a side road to get closer shots of them.
They were almost back to back.

We turned around and drove back toward the main highway;
it is from that direction that the shots were taken.

I did not see any evidence of animals or crops with either barn.
This one is obviously being maintained;
there is a 'pride in ownership' feeling about it.

I would be proud too if this belonged to me.

This one has seen better days and looks like it's being used for storage
and possibly as a makeshift garage.
There was a car on either side of it.
You can catch a glimpse of the farm house in the background on the left.
It was not a huge house, but it had some pretty detail around its porch.

Both barns were fairly close to the country road although not right on it like so many I see.
I noticed that about this part of Ohio--the barns were not so close to the roads.
I'm not sure why--perhaps the lay of the land factors in somehow.

I hope you have been enjoying the holidays.
Being a school teacher, I am on break.
I am taking my daughter and her husband and their two little ones
to the airport in Columbus tomorrow.
They are heading back to Texas.

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  1. That top barn is immaculate! They are both great finds!

  2. The first barn is beautiful and well kept but almost too much so. I'd like to see some evidence of activity around it. I like the character of the second barn, but except for the cars everything is very neat around it too.

  3. That first barn is almost blindingly white!

  4. wow, just so beautiful. i love it. very white. (:

  5. beautiful...interesting how many of these barn charm barns all sit in a yard of grass rather than snow in DECEMBER....looks more like spring doesn't it?
    i'm sure it's going to be hard leaving them at the airport :(

  6. The 1st one is definitely very much loved, but the 2nd is a fave... I love the old weathered wood & those huge doors are so neat! Great sky, too!

    Great finds & thanks so much for joining =)))

  7. Both barns are wonderful! What a great contrast of pristine and weathered!

    I declared Ohio the barn Mecca of the US. :)

  8. love that 4th photo with the shadow of the leafless tree against its side.

    (and thanks for your prayers... i managed to make it to my family's christmas... a teeny bit better the last few days and hoping for more... overwhelmed with all the tasks i've put off. you know how it goes. still praying for you...)

  9. It's wonderful to see your lovely countryside..

  10. Beautiful! I don't think I've seen a barn and surroundings looking so pristine.

  11. Stunning white-washed farm! Hope your holidays are wonderful, Beth!

  12. The shadows on the next to last photo play so enticingly ... great photos, Beth. Best of wishes for the New Year.

  13. Amazing how someone can be perfectionistic when it comes to a barn; I can't be that perfect in my not-large house. Clean, yes; perfectly gorgeous? NO! Glad you had such a nice ride. Hope to spend time with you some day. [If not here, of course, heaven.] Blessings.

  14. Love those barn shots... the first couple are SO pristine, are they Amish?? Enjoy your Christmas break... I am mine (I drive a 40' 78 passenger school bus for a local district)... we go back on the 4th.


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