Thursday, December 8, 2011

Thin ice

Frozen Seneca Lake, Senecaville, Ohio
taken by husband Mike several years ago.

High level of pain
Low level of sleep

Emotions running wild at school
Staff's morale is low

Principal is a bear with a sore paw--
perhaps all four
growling at us teachers
so that we stay away
even when faced with a troubling student

We are trying to work together
to handle the problems
Some days we are more successful
than others

Me personally?
I'm  walking gingerly on thin ice
praying it doesn't crack
and plunge me into bone chilling
life-sucking cold.

Just letting those who wonder where I am
know that I'm still here--
just not up to cute posts right now
or uplifting comments on others' blogs

However, I would draw your attention
to the shaft of light high up in the photo:
I'm still looking at it
and that helps tremendously.


  1. I'm sorry Beth. Working in those conditions can be terribly draining. We had a Director of Nursing a few years ago who was very similar and it was a tough time. Praying for you - glad you are focusing on that light!

  2. How wise to direct your gaze to the light Beth. I'm so sorry your work situation is so difficult. I'll be praying.

  3. Oh, Beth. So sorry to read of your pain. PRAYING. Glad you are still looking toward that light.

    I have to say I loved your analogy though:

    "Principal is a bear with a sore paw--
    perhaps all four
    growling at us teachers"

    Such a vivid picture it made me smile...

  4. Praying Beth and missing you. Keep focused on the Light.

  5. Did you realize, that in fourteen days, we start getting more daylight each day?

    Today is CJ's 15th birthday. One of her friends left a sign in the yard for her. The sign had four balloons attached. I was just thinking that he had to get a parent to drive him out here to put it up. what a happy surprise it was for her. i think i will get a picture of it.

    I am still on the same painting. with each mistake i am having to let go along with learning and trying new things.

    i am with you in looking at that light.

    i really like that song "walk in the light, beautiful light..."

  6. Oh Beth, I am sorry.. I remember from my teaching days how hard it is trying to teach kids especially this time of year. AND---when you get no cooperation from the hierarchy, that makes it even worse. My love and prayers go with you... I am so very sorry.

  7. Keep looking up, Beth. I'm so sorry that you must endure difficult days at school. May God touch you - and the situation as only He can.

  8. So sorry Beth about your thin ice right now. But I do know that you have the right grace to walk it - thinking of you.

  9. Praying for you, Beth. Tread lightly as you connect with the light. This, too, will pass.

  10. This fits your "Light" situation, part of a bit when I was told that my dad was terminally ill and I was asked to write a poem: I left for work, driving about 20 miles to Oklahoma City, and on the way I saw sunlight "swords" cutting through the clouds, which lifted me out of the heavy dumpiness I was feeling...

    That's all we can trust in all those overwhelmingly intense "walkings".

    You're on my heart, Dear One.

  11. Thread carefully, and know that we all have these episodes, in work, in life in general.

    That being said, it would be nice if the principal would catch a nasty flue and be "out" for a few weeks ;-)



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