Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Corner View: Ring out the Old; Ring in the New

These are some of the shelves in the library at the school where I teach.
The library is small, our funds are limited, and some of the shelves sparse.
However, we have a super librarian who stretches her dollars well.
She also can order from other libraries most any book  a student or teacher wants.

I check out most of my books from my small town library.
I carry a tote in and lug it out full of books.

I have resisted a Kindle or Nook,
because I wanted the feel of paper under my hands.
But during this past holiday's shopping trips
when I would take a break and sit,
I would think how nice it would be to have a Kindle,
because it would fit in my purse.
The book I was reading at the time was big and heavy
and thus waited in the car for me.

 I thought my husband would laugh and tease me
if I asked for one for Christmas (not maliciously).
I'm not the brightest bulb when it comes to technology,
so I thought he would raise an eyebrow 
since I've yet to master all the apps on my phone
or figure out every little detail of my camera.

Alas, he surprised me.
A mutual friend, who was a 'diehard' book fan,
succumbed to the Kindle and loves it.
His wife used his, loved it, and got herself one.

If voracious reader Leo prefers a kindle over a hardback,
well, that was enough for Mike.

I was puzzled at the wrapped package,
then dumbstruck,
then thrilled.

He bought an attractive cover for it.

Now, I will not be needing to head up to the library check out counter.
Of course there will be those books that I will want to write in and cherish,
such as Ann Voskamp's One Thousand Gifts,
so Barnes and Noble will still get some business from me.

But for the most part when it comes to reading novels,
it's out with the old and in with the new.

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Thanks Renee, for the topic.


  1. Lucky you! I felt the same as you did about feeling the paper, but I'm hearing from more and more people about how they love their Kindles and Nooks. I think it's going on my list!

  2. Congrats, Beth... Everyone who has a Kindle loves them. You will TOO....



  3. I felt exactly like you with regards to paper vs kindle and such, until I got a chance to (re)read Anna Karenina on a light, portable, and wonderful iPad (a free book!).
    Happy reading! :)

  4. good teaching quote at the end too ;)

  5. I enjoy my Kindle but still prefer certain books in print. Some books are "keepers", some are not.

  6. i bought a kindle for cj a year ago. i have downloaded several books onto it.

    it's great for taking places. it travels so well.

    the only thing is when cj and i travel together...well, that is when i would like one of my own.

    tell us how you like it over time...

  7. i loved this! (your husband is such a kind man.)

    and your school looks so tidy!

  8. I am resistant to them, I love the feel of real books, underlining and taking notes in the margins. But I have heard from so many people that they love them. I am glad you are happy with it :)

  9. Good for you!

    No Kindles or other E-readers here. I haven't even decided if I like them or not. We just cannot afford them - and at the moment, there is no need. I hardly have time to read books these days.

    Luckily, I've read dozens a week for years when I was young.

    And when the time comes, I'll probably read dozens more.

    Just not now.


  10. I'm struggling with the Kindle idea. Don't have the finances right now to allow it, but also have hundreds of books here to read. Hundreds. I don't yet see that I should allow myself to read too many outside of the home when we have our own library. AND, I do love to have the book... nearly always putting notes in and just sitting back and enjoying. [Maybe it's an age thing that is kicking my tail on this.] I hope you thoroughly enjoy your new phase of life. And that it will bless you abundantly.


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