Monday, January 2, 2012

Recap of Favorite 2011 photos

I took an idea from Mari and adapted it for me.
I chose a favorite photo from posts of each month,
featured them, and wrote a little something about them.
Here is the recap of  favorite photos from my 2011 posts:

This is the door to a shed/garage on my husband's aunt's property.
I like the texture of the wood and the rusted hinge.
I like how the neutrals blend yet hold their own.

The park lake/reservoir: you can glimpse the ice through the trees.
I like the 'peek-a-boo' effect.

Although this was taken several years ago, I featured it in a March post.
I think it is Ash Cave. I know it is from Hocking Hills in southeastern Ohio.

I was exploring the exceptionally early Lily leaves with my new camera,
and discovered a spider and a lightening bug fighting.
I am not sure of the outcome, but I would bet on the spider.

This was for a "Corner View."
It's one of the bulletin board displays in a teacher friend's room.

I love this snapshot of love in action: my husband building me the low wall
that I wanted beside the back walkway.

They came in June: my daughter, her husband, son, and daughter.
However, I posted this photo in July.
This was actually my daughter's second visit close on the heels of the first,
and Mike and I got to babysit two-year-old Aaron and four-month-old Abigail'
while Sara 'trouble-shooted' at the family company.
This was the first we had seen Abigail.
I love her blue eyes and her attentiveness.

George claimed my slip-ons after I had been out watering the plants.
They smelled of all sorts of plants, bugs, earth, --all scents he adores.

This is the display two students and I put up for
the ten year anniversary of  the September 11th terrorism.

This is one side of my front porch which is decorated for
the annual Pumpkin Festival.

This is the park lake/reservoir again;
this time most of the leaves have turned although not all have fallen.

I featured this quite recently.
We had not seen Abigail, Aaron, and their parents since June.
My, how she has grown!
I love this photo of her sound asleep in her Uncle Doug's arms.

I have some thoughts about the new year
that is now on its second day.
But I will save them for later.
There is much to do on this last day of holiday break!
School resumes tomorrow.



  1. I enjoyed these pictures, both now and when they were first posted!

  2. This is a fun way to recap the year. A photo diary!

  3. What a lovely recap!

    I liked leaving through your blog post about the way you spent Christmas with your children and grandchildren. They seem like a pretty nice bunch. (Amazing that you were able to fit in such a large table in that room!)

    Also, thanks for your recent comments on our blog. I'll ponder on the new beauty regime some more - can't really afford expensive solutions, but I'm sure I'll work something out. And as a former neighbour used to say: A radiant smile is the best way to keep old age at bay.

    So, that is my wish for 2012 - that we'll all live through it without losing the ability to smile once in a while.


  4. I think you have the makings of a lovely calendar here Beth. You have a gift for capturing beauty with your camera.
    Praying all goes well as you go back to school.

  5. Lovely choices. Done good, Friend.

  6. June is my favorite, and December comes in a close second.


  7. I loved this post, Beth... Great set of pictures and explanations... It's fun to look back at the year. I am doing the same thing --but will divide my "Best of 2011" photos into different categories/groups.

    Hope 2012 is a great year for you and your family.

  8. Very good memories in photos - I hope the school year started well for you!

  9. PS I really like photo #1!


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