Monday, December 10, 2012

Comfort and Joy and Monday's Prayer

This will be my son's first Christmas
as a single, divorced father.
Last year he managed to get a live tree
and some Christmas ornaments
and put together a Christmas.
(He was separated last year).

This year his girlfriend cajoled him into buying a fake tree,
so they could put it up sooner and leave it up longer.
They chose this lovely tree
and he was thrilled at the ease of setting it up.

He set up his single, divorced mom's (me) for several years,
also his elderly grandparents',
and then his own.
None were as easy as this one.

He has added some ornaments of his
that didn't fit with his wife's tree (primitive only)
and added ones that are personal and meaningful.

Although she has her own apartment
complete with two cats,
girlfriend Dani's stocking was hung with theirs this year.
In order: Smooch the lab, Doug, Dani,
then Peyton, Dillon, and Addy
(from oldest to youngest).

He is carrying on the tradition of each child
having a tree in his/her bedroom,
which thrilled me.

Addy's tree.



I was at his house to pick up the oldest, Peyton,
for our annual mother/granddaughter shopping day.
She was staying the night and then we were shopping the next day.

The youngest, Addy, had already checked out for the night.

I am comforted in knowing
that my son is now able to rebuild his life
and begin his own traditions with his children.

They had a say in the decorating of their rooms
and in choosing ornaments and decorating the tree.

It does not matter that not one of the rooms
or the tree
would be featured in a country-style decorating magazine.

Nothing has to be perfect.
Flaws are accepted here.

It's such a comfort knowing that the Doug
I helped raise was in the other Doug these past ten years;
he just needed to figure out how to let himself back out
(just as his mama did over 17 years ago).

On a slightly different note:
I was driving home last night and listening to a radio station.
A DJ was talking about Hurricane Sandy's victims.
She pointed out that many still don 't have homes
to spend Christmas in.
Humbling to one who chafes at 600 sq. feet for two people
(with a full basement underneath).

May our hearts and hands be open to all
throughout this land who are without much.

"Praise be to the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ.
God is the Father who is full of mercy and all comfort.
He comforts us every time we have trouble,
so when others have trouble,
we can comfort them
with the same comfort God gives us."
2 Corinthians 1:3-4 NCV

"But he's already made it plain how to live,
what to do,
what God is looking for in men and women.
It's quite simple:
Do what is fair and just to your neighbor,
be compassionate and loyal in your love,
and don't take yourself too seriously---
take God seriously."
Micah 6:8 MSG
(I love that next to last line!!!)

"We all go through pain and sorrow,
but the presence of God,
like a warm, comforting blanket,
can shield us and protect us,
and allow the deep inner joy to surface,
even in the most devastating circumstances."
Barbara Johnson
(I think many of Sandy's victims have exhibited this.)

Today's Prayer of Grace

Today, Lord, let me count my blessings
 with thanksgiving in my heart.
You have cared for me, Lord,
and I will give You the glory and the praise.
Let me accept Your blessings and Your gifts,
and let me share them with others,
just as You first shared them with me.
100 Days of Grace for Women

Blessings to you all as you as you make your way
through this new week!


  1. I remember Christmas last year for your son. So glad things are better this year. He sure is a good dad!

  2. In some ways, Beth, your story is 'my' story... I got divorced and then found the 'love of my life'... My youngest son had a rough first marriage --and has now found himself and his life... I'm so happy for him and his new bride.... God is Good.

  3. Congrats to your son for being able to move on and celebrate!

  4. Beth, thinking of you and praying you are having a good week.

  5. i'm so glad to read that your son, with your love, help and support, was able to start his own traditions.

  6. My father always cut a little tree for me when I was a child. It is such a special memory.

  7. We thoroughly enjoy putting up the Christmas tree [fake] and leave it there for weeks... sometimes until February. Love lights. Every year we readjust the coloring. Last year it was nearly all golden ornaments, lights, etc. THIS year? Lots and lots of colors. Fun. Don't know what we'll choose next time. We just look at all we've had for years [larger homes with more than one tree] and decide what will make us happier. Dave actually leaves it to me most of the time, of course, since he's so nice. But it's fun.... should send you a photo. You'd grin.

    Have a blessed and joyful time with you and all of yours.


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