Saturday, February 8, 2014

Taking care of God's creatures

 We have been keeping the bird feeders full,
as well as tossing out seed and corn on the snow.
The deer 'pert near' clean us out every night,
but we're cool with that.
We grow quiet and tip toe closer to the window
to watch them.

Tonight we counted nine.
There were three groups; 
two of the groups were not the usual ones.
Mama and her two young ones
did not take kindly to the intruders.

She was quite territorial and ran them off.
At times they were on their hind feet
 with their front paws slashing the air.
"Resident Mama' always won.
My camera was charging, 
so, alas, no photos.

The birds seem appreciative of the bounty 
that hangs and lies in front of our window.
Only sudden movement frightens them off.
I never tire of watching them.

I don't know what they all are;
our bird books were packed several years ago
when Mike moved up here from Cincinnati.
We have not found them yet.

Further down, after the bird pictures,
you'll see a visitor who started coming yesterday.
He loves the corn kernels. 

Here's our latest 'client'.
He's cute to watch.

Here are my two favorite 'snow birds'.

Ginger is the only one here who is truly loving all this cold.
She loves to burrow in the snow.
She licks and eats it.
She buries her nose in it.
She is content to lie in it,
even in single digit temps
and often does not want to come inside.
That's a husky for you!

But she also likes to curl up on the couch.
George does too, but he does not snuggle with Ginger.

Notice all the hair - twice a year,
huskies molt, not shed.
They have two coats and they rid themselves of the top one,
and a new one grows in.
There is white hair everywhere.
And no, I did not research that before we got her.

We clean this blanket regularly,
but within thirty minutes it is covered.
However, we still love her!
 We are staying warm and safe.

[We have now missed 15 days of school!!!]


  1. We feed birds here too, but haven't seen any squirrels lately!
    15 snow days - wow!

  2. Hi Beth, I loved reading about you feeding all of the critters. I always feel sorry for ALL of them --especially this winter with such frigid weather. We have had the cold temps (colder than normal for us ) --but we haven't had the snow we usually get. It's been a weird winter for us. BUT--I am still feeding the birds --and even the raccoons who come at nights and eat the left-overs!!!!

    Stay warm and stay SAFE. Love your Ginger. Such a beautiful dog... I would put up with the hair all around too --if she were mine. Gorgeous.


  3. What a neat bunch of really wonderful photos. I'm a big birdy person. You made me grin. I'm glad to be catching up on your photos, words, sharing stretch. Blessings...

  4. I love your Ginger. I adore huskies, but always feel sorry for those I see in Florida - can you imagine that coat in this heat?


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