Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Corner View: Slow

My drive to work and back used to be relaxing and beautiful.
Now that Utica Shale fracking has begun,
it has become stressful and tedious.
I have to leave earlier
so that if I get behind a big vehicle,
I can still get to work on time.

It takes me ten to fifteen minutes longer to get home
regardless of heavy equipment.
When the pipeliners' and  fracking men head out for their temporary homes, 
it's not unusual to end up in a line of six to 12 vehicles.

The ones that are particularly irritating
are the semis hauling huge equipment
on Rt 147's two lanes.
We regular-vehicle folks have to pull over.

However, the water and brine bearing trucks
are the ones that can momentarily take my breath away
and cause me to come to a slow-rolling stop.
The reason?
They are heading my way and are across the yellow line.
In other words, they hog the road.

The photos below are courtesy of online photos
of the fracking industry.

Here are some photos of the drilling tower sites -
the reason why 'slow-moving' has become
a part of my daily life.

They are lit continually and it's like high-noon 24/7.
Folks have to buy black-out curtains
and no longer can sit out in their yards and gaze at the stars--
the blazing light blankets the stars.

We have many similar sites throughout our farm community.
I think it would be tough to live so close to one
because someone else owned the land next to you
and allowed the drilling site to be built.
Money talks.

However, one of the nice outcomes
is that farmers have been able to fix up or completely restore
their old barns, thus saving part of America's heritage.
They have also been able to buy much needed equipment.
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  1. Indeed, it must be tedious for you ... here (in France), shale gas is a thorny issue but for the moment drilling are prohibited.

  2. Fracking! I hope you are safe from the rumble and your water remains clean.

  3. I sure hope that the practice of fracking is discontinued soon. I agree with Elizabeth - I hope your home stays safe.

  4. I would be really frustrated with this!

  5. Wow and there's really no way around them! I hope you are safe and your water supply and garden are safe, too!

  6. Wow, such a huge change! It is cool though that some good has come out of it ...

  7. that gives us something to mull over in our minds... all this hassle for the 'hood, because these things need to be builded? because we need these? maybe so, but so many? i don't like 24/7 light anyway, another thing we do not need. and get...
    i'm just sorry for you, guys. you live so rurally...

  8. So many changes to your rural neighborhood.

  9. doesn't sound good for a lot of reasons!

  10. Wow, heavy relatives are experiencing the same thing in North Dakota. But, oh my, are they happy about the revenue!!!

  11. Sorry for the extra pressure. HOWEVER, with the weather being so insane and trying to drive around and about it's been a tough stretch of time. I actually avoid being out much, and I've been a consistent driving person. YOU take great photos, though, and you shared them with us. That's really neat. [And I sure would love to connect with you again sometime. You've been a blessing.]


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