Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Corner View: Small Things

The gold finches were not eating from the finch feeder.
Mike had put it out with feed in it from Cincinnati days---very old.
He thought it would be okay.
Yet they didn't 'buy' it.
  He refilled it with fresh ,
but before I could wash it.

So two weekends ago, I dumped it
and gave it a thorough cleaning.
And. . . . . 
the gold finches are eating!

A small thing but it is important to me. 

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  1. how pretty! you have a whole colony there! a clean "plate" is certainly one of those small things that matter :)

  2. Who wouldn't want these beauties to come visit!

  3. They add such a nice splash of color.

  4. Love your Goldfinches... Mine love either the Nyger--and/or the Finch Blend mixes...

    Birds can be finicky.... Mine love a specific kind of Peanut suet ---and don't care for many of the others (which are similar).... Of course, the suet they like is 1.24 and the others are only about .97.... They must know to 'like' the expensive stuff... ha ha

    Great photos.

  5. Oh, those lovely birds are gorgeous! How lucky are you to have them for good company!

  6. how beautiful for you to see and how lucky for the birds that you feed them. I'd say that's a win win situation!!
    happy weekend!

  7. oh, the birds wanted to have a clean feeder. so lucky for them that you did it :)

  8. clever you! isn't it just too funny how sometimes a woman's hand; or mind... ? i love the sight of those birds, you know! n♥


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