Sunday, April 20, 2014

Musings--Easter and Family

This is the first Easter 
that I have been part of my Ohio grandchildren's Easter.
(Maybe I can be part of  the Texas ones after I retire.)
Easter is my favorite holiday for many reasons,
but it has been 'dampened' for a long while.

Last year I wrote in the last half of a post

I realized  yesterday that I had been holding on to a hurt
and resentment towards my ex and his wife in one area--
Unlike Thanksgiving and Christmas
where I readily agree to celebrating
 before or after the holiday
instead of on it,
 I never thought of doing that at Easter.
Granted,  when Doug was married to Mindy,
their Easter weekend was packed full;
however, if I had made a point of having a celebration,
Doug would have made sure they came.

Well the ex and his wife spent Easter in Florida
this year
and his step-brother took his little girl down for a visit,
so Doug was at a bit of a loss.
Enter Mike and me
and a Saturday evening Easter dinner
with an egg hunt afterwards.
Keep in mind, though, that we could not have had 
an egg hunt at our previous home.
Well, I take that back---we could have hidden them 
in and around our neighbor's junk and to- be-repaired cars!
(His business is auto body work).

I'll  do a brief commentary on the pics.
Lined up and ready to hunt.

 Dillon and Addy take off together.
(Peyton went in the opposite direction.)
We tried to get Addy to split from Dillon,
because he was beating her to an egg every time,
but she wouldn't listen at first. 

I spotted Dillon through the budding forsythia bush.
I like how Dillon has his tongue sticking out in this photo ---he's really concentrating.

 We finally separated Addy from Dillon and helped her find some eggs.

I posed them on the back porch swing for pictures.
Dillon, Peyton, and Addison (Addy)
                    Here's my wonderful son with his great kids.

Doug has a new girlfriend and she is very nice. She is a lot younger which bothers him, but not her or her
parents.  As for me, I think the numeral does not matter-it's in the inherent maturity than can be found at any age. . . or not.  His last one was closer to his age,but had not grown up yet.

I debated about showing this pic
because of my gut that's showing,
but decided to anyway.
It is what it is and I am who I am.

 They took their 'loot' back in the house and began to open the eggs and discover the treasures.
Peyton always goes off to a side,
but the two younger ones stick together like glue.
There is only two years between each of them,
but Peyton is a 'wise old one' and has been from 'toddlerhood'.

 The Easter Bunny met up with their dad at the YMCA  and gave them their baskets since they would be at their mom's house on Easter.   They were thrilled.  The Easter bunny is much more economical at their dad's house, but that doesn't seem to bother them.  He concentrates on one or two main items and then fills in with little things. They each got a toy or game that they wanted and flip flops or sneakers.

Their dad was happy that they were happy.


  1. Looks like everyone had a wonderful time!
    PS - good for you for posting the picture with you in it. You look great! I'm bad about that, but then, my gut is bigger than yours. :)

  2. What a fantastic Easter you all had this year ---and you DO have a wonderful place where kids can play and explore --and have an Easter Egg Hunt... Love it.


  3. You made it a memorable Easter for everyone. I'm so glad you enjoyed it too Beth. It looks wonderful.

  4. Looks as if you've had a memorable Easter and a very pleasing one at that!


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