Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Corner View: Inner Child

My inner-child is expressed through colorful, whimsical, and sometimes downright funky
earrings and an occasional color-packed bracelet.

I just got these off Etsy.   Yep, these are pop tabs.
Then there are colorful metal rings clipped onto the tabs.
I get a kick out of them!

The kids at school love it when I wear my M&M earrings.
They think that is so cool!
I wear them on casual Fridays when I can wear jeans.
These are just a smattering of my earrings---I have lots!
It's one way I express 'me'.

For more views on inner-child, hop on over to Francesca's.


  1. How special!!! I used to wear lots of dangly/colorful earrings.. I'd wear my loafers --but usually always wore some colorful socks (all color-coded with my outfit).. That was BACK when I was working full-time. These days, I am just plain jane --wearing some jean shorts and t-shirts...


  2. those are fun! my 22 yo niece just made herself a beautifully creative necklace and matching earrings with end pieced of colored pencils.

  3. Lovely work! No doubt... your inner child is a creative one ;)

  4. wearing M&M is cool!!
    you must be a great teacher being so much in contact with your inner child!

  5. I love your earrings - they look like mine :-) In fact today I am wearing a pair that look a lot like the pair in the top row, second from the right. I don't wear a lot of other jewelry on a day-to0day basis, but most days I wear big dangly earrings.

  6. Must be so fun to wear them all! I can see how happy your inner child must be when you indulge her in such colourful and spirited accessories:))

  7. and a good way to do so too! i read on francesca's you are going away, happy holidays, wherever you roam! we will meet again, next fall. or earlier! ;))) n♥

  8. Hi Beth, I've bought some lovely pieces of jewellery from Etsy, too. Enjoy :)

  9. oh these are pretty cool! you must be the cool teacher with your funky jewelry.
    love it, express yourself!!


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