Sunday, November 2, 2014

A farm, an old Quaker Meeting House, and fall

 This is the farm showing the barns and the sales building which I featured last week here.

 Up the lane from the Doudna Fruit Farm is the old Quaker meeting house.  The Doudna family is a prominent local Quaker family. This meeting house is no longer used.  The Quakers meet at a building on the Friends Olney School campus--a Quaker boarding high school about 3 minutes from our  house.  (An aside to this is that the previous owners of our farm house met while attending Olney).  The meeting house shown is a twenty minute drive from town deep into the countryside on a narrow, winding road.

The outhouses. Possibly his and hers. I wonder why one is painted and maintained and the other is not?
I hope you all have a great week!


  1. I am always interested to learn more about other religions/groups in our country. The Amish fascinate me --and so do the Quakers. I know that they call churches 'meeting houses' --and that they are very plain.... Tell us more about them since you live near them sometime on a blog. It's just so interesting.


  2. That looks like a peaceful place for the meeting house which I imagine is surrounded by chestnut trees.

  3. you know, of course, how much i love barns... so keep on loving them too and show us!!!! n♥


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