Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Corner View: Tradition

Our little town of Barnesville, Ohio has an annual Pumpkin Festival.  It has been going on since the mid-sixties, although it was originally called The Fall Festival.  People in-town and even on the outskirts like us, decorate with scarecrows, mums, pumpkins, dried corn, old farm equipment, etc. It's a big deal!   The festival lasts four days beginning with the weighing-in of the pumpkins.  That is on Wednesday night and we always go--we love the festival food too.
Here are a smattering of my decorations this year.

Back Porch

Front Yard

Close-up of some mums and scare crows.

The beginning of the parade this year.

All of the queens, princesses, and little misses.

 These decorations are of the other house when we lived there.  They give you an idea of some of the porch arrangements in town.

 Wednesday night weigh -in.

Parade scenes from last year.
The parade lasted two hours this year. The sidewalks and lawns are packed with people
wanting to watch it.
Downtown is crowded.

The grandkids two years ago.  This year's pumpkin was bigger than this one pictured, but I forget the exact weight--it was 1500 and something.

 Fair rides are part of the festival also and Doug and the grandkids come over for Saturday afternoon and evening.  It's a great family time!
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  1. Wowsa! Those pumpkins are massive! I love your decorations!!

  2. i absolutely love the flowers! i have no idea what they're called, but i found them at the market this year, and bought myself two, orange and a burgundy. i was told that it will be easy to plant them after flowering season. hope so!

  3. The annual festival with the procession, decorated porches, fairground and the weighing of the pumpkin looks like a lot of fun for all the family.

  4. I've never seen such big pumpkins! wow....

  5. I would love to come to your town just to see all the decorations. How fun! Our city has the school classes make scarecrows and they line the main street.

  6. I always love seeing small town parades and festivals. That is one HUGE pumpkin... WOW!!!! The decorations all over town are fabulous... People really do enjoy this season, don't they? Glad you all can go and enjoy it.


  7. That is a huge pumpkin. Looks like a fun and festive time.

  8. thxs for this, beth, it lands me right at the heart of halloween tradition that i can sense just sitting here. never mind it's over, i can look at it, anytime...
    in reply to your comment, really? you a speedster? i would not ever have you down for one now!!!. n♥


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