Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Christmas with Doug's kids

 We had Christmas with Doug and his kids on the Saturday after Christmas.  They came for tacos and the opening of presents.  (I think our new Christmas standard meal may be tacos--easy to fix and everybody loves them!)
Peyton and Dillon with some presents.

 The kids each got a big Lego set, some goofy socks, and a workbook.  Peyton's was a math mystery book; she has had another one like it and loved it.  Dillon and Addy got Find the Picture books that they had asked for.
 Addy insisted on putting hers together right away.  It was a smaller one, so didn't take as long.
 The ice palace in Frozen.

 We had a good laugh while we got situated on the couch.  Addison didn't want to sit on a lap, but there was no room otherwise to get us all in, so Grandpa beat her to where she wanted to sit and he landed partially on me.

 The finished product. Scruffy, the girl cat, was hiding, but George wanted in the picture and of course, Ginger.
Peyton, Doug, Addison, and Dillon

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