Saturday, March 5, 2016

February highlights

 My birthday was Feb. 8th.  Below are the flowers Mike got me. He always gets me flowers which I love.

 These flowers are from my son, his girlfriend, and their kids.  They came in a bundle-like and I had to arrange them.  I was thrilled!

 In February, we had a big snowfall that shut schools down for three days.  Below are pictures of our home, etc.

 This is a 1959 tractor.  It was my husband's grandfather's.  He is very proud that it still runs and is very useful.

 Ginger was loving the snow.

His head is a little fuzzy but I still think he's beautiful.

 We are in March now and I've resolved to write more.  I think  I haven 't written because of several factors: that I'm isolated up in my room and that no longer is as appealing as I have time to myself a good bit of the day, and that I'm active in being out with friends and volunteering.  I don 't have the need to be alone or to reach out nearly as much as I did.   But I miss writing, so I will try harder.


  1. Men and their tractors... They do love them, don't they? Looks like you all had a HUGE snow.. We had one nice one (not very many inches though) --but that was all for this winter season. At least we didn't have that horrible ICE that we had last year.

    Happy Birthday---a little late. Your flowers are GORGEOUS. Your family knows how much you love flowers... That is so special.

    I don't blog nearly as much as I did. Life changes for all of us. I am one who loves Facebook even more than blogging...


  2. Belated best wishes for your birthday in February. It looks as if you had a lot of snow! I like the photos of Mike driving the tractor. He looks happy. A beautiful dog. I don't know what breed, but his coat will keep him warm and he looks like a dog who doesn't mind the snow. I see that you've been busy reading. The winter months are a good time for that.

  3. She's a Siberian Husky--a red one with brown eyes.

  4. Happy belated birthday! I'm glad you're enjoying retirement and volunteering - and that Ginger is such a doll :)


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