Sunday, April 19, 2020

Visiting son and family from a distance

This past Thursday we met my son at a grocery store in the near-by town where he lives.  He went grocery shopping for us.  Then we followed him out to his house where we stood on one side of the garage and he, his wife, and their kids stood on the other side.  I took some pictures but we didn't stay long (it was cold outside with a brisk wind).

 It was so good to see them if only from afar. I also took a picture of their lab Rogie who
they got at a local shelter.  She's a wonderful pet.

This picture I put in because I so enjoy having a little one again. Andrew is 3 and lives in Texas.
He loves to Facetime and show me things. These were two of his Christmas presents.
His sister is 9 and his brother is 11.
His cousins shown in the first picture are 17, 15, 14, and 13. The 14 year-old is my daughter-in-law's daughter and the other three are my son's. They have blended really well into one family.

This was taken at Christmas time when my daughter and her family stayed for 5 days with us.
They are 11, 9, 17, 13, 14, 3, and 15( their ages now - they were all a year younger at Christmas).
The two in pajamas had just gotten them and had to put them on. We all enjoyed our time together.
I wish I could have them all over for dinner now!

The next three photos are of our park lake. We are permitted to walk the trails as long as
we keep away from anyone else.We only passed one other person and we got off the trail and
let him pass.

My husband and I are doing well.  He works outside a lot.  Right now he's grading 
his brother-in-law's hilly yard with his tractor so that a very big Amish-built shed can be
put there.  He went out today to cut down tree branches that are in the way for placing the shed.
I am cleaning out closets and kitchen cupboards and reading a lot.
Hope you are all doing well.


  1. It's good to see family, even from a distance. Your grandkids are all cute and growing fast.
    Love the walk pics too. You live in a beautiful area.

  2. Isn't it uplifting when you get to see family for real although we are grateful for the technology that gives us facetime too. Daughter phoned me this morning as her son is not well, fortunately not the virus, but an ear infection that has been making him dizzy. He's a great help around the home now that his fishing shop where he works is closed. It was a relief to talk to him. They live four hours drive from our home in the north of England. We miss all our family gatherings. So glad that you have the good memories of a Christmas get together and to know all is well with your family. It sounds as if your husband is keeping busy outside.
    It's good that the menfolk have activities to keep them occupied. My husband has his gardening and then he has to rest in an afternoon. I'm pleased to be in touch and hope you keep on blogging when you can.


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