Sunday, April 26, 2020

A bicycle wreck

The first picture shows my grandson Aaron in Texas breading fish. Notice he's using both arms and hands.
In these pictures he's in a children's hospital in Fort Worth. He had been spending a lot of time outside riding his bike.  He was loving it. Then he went to stop his bike in front of his driveway and he flew over the handlebars. He of course had a helmet on. He tried to break his fall with his right wrist. He broke his arm and wrist in two places, majorly displacing one bone and involving a growth plate.  You can see how high the cast had to go.  He'll wear this for a month, then a cast to his elbow for a month, and then a brace for a month.
A friend was able to come stay with the two younger children and both Sara and her husband Robert were able to go to the hospital. The children's hospital's policy during COVID-19 is to allow both parents but no substitute can be made unless he/she is the guardian of the child in place of parents. 
They got him into emergency surgery and he was out by midnight and home by 1 A.M.  He never left the surgery area. All to practice caution during this time of isolation.  He did get sick from the anesthesia but went home and slept through the next day. Once the bones were set the tremendous pain left and they got the remaining pain under control.

 Here he is playing with legos using his left hand (he's right-handed).  It takes him longer but he says he appreciates the process better (he has an upbeat positive attitude).  We sent him two Star Wars Lego kits through Amazon(thankful for Amazon during this shelter-in-place time especially for people my age)to help him spend his time and let him know we were thinking of him.

Below he's putting flowers on the Easter cross Easter Sunday. The congregation's members could come by and place flowers on it.
Below that picture is Sara and all her family on Easter Sunday.  There was only a taped service on Facebook, but they went over to get their annual Easter picture. They're not as dressed up as usual but are not real casual either.

Robert, Sara, Abigail, Andrew, and Aaron.

Today is my husband's 66th birthday. My son, his wife, and her daughter (his kids were with their mom) came over to give Mike his present.  He moved some things in the garage and swept it and that's where we met, standing 6 ft. or more apart. It was raining heavily, so standing outside wasn't an option.  They stayed for almost 45 minutes and we had a really nice chat.  I didn't go to our favorite bakery in another town to get his cake, but I baked him one from a mix, something I haven't done for over a year. I don't bake much anymore.  I had bought 4 months of birthday cards at a Hallmark store 3 weeks before all this craziness started, so I had his card already.  I did get on and ordered 2 Mother's Day cards and some sympathy cards.  It was free shipping and I had them within 5 days.

We are hanging in there and counting our many blessings.  Hope you are too.


  1. So sorry about your grandsons accident, grateful he is making a good recovery. God bless you all as we travel thru this strange Covidian wilderness, trusting the Lord who goes before us to prepare the way x

  2. I'm so sorry about Aaron's accident. What an ordeal, made worse by the covid. Glad he has such a good attitude, that will take him far.
    Nice Easter pictures!

  3. So sorry to hear about Aaron's accident and the ordeal with the surgery and extra precautions for parents with the virus crisis happening alongside this anxious stay in the hospital.Thankful that he recovered well and looks as if he's managing activity time again. The Lego kits were a good idea. Your husband's birthday was a different sort of celebration this year. You were organised with the home made cake and card. I haven't gone to get postage stamps from the post office because I don't want to go into a store so greetings cards are not getting sent. I like to send notes and cards to family, but it's not possible. We make the best of the situation with phone calls. I'm glad you're back blogging. Have a good week.

  4. Oh the joy of raising kids.... Glad your grandson is okay now... I'm sure it was scary especially since it happened during the pandemic.....

    We are still fine here --but waiting/hoping for some good changes coming soon....



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