Tuesday, May 5, 2020

Cleaning during coronvirus

I have been spending some time during this shelter at home time to clean out and reorganize my kitchen cabinets and drawers.  I have found things I'd completely forgotten I had and some I'd been wondering where they'd gone to. I'd also forgotten how far back my lower cabinets went!

 I didn't realize how many cookbooks I'd crammed onto the above shelves. I only saved ones I've regularly used over the years. The green binder and the tan plastic recipe box on the first shelf were my mom's.  They'll eventually go with my recipe binder(the white binder) and recipe box(over on a counter) to my daughter.
 I put a bunch of books in a big box to take to the local Catholic thrift store when it reopens.

 This was a huge mess and I would have to take a lot out every time I was looking for a particular spice. Things are much more accessible now.

Below are misc. drawers that were jumbled chaos.

I found an outstanding Pampered Chef sharp knife in the above drawer - have already used it.

 A lot got either thrown out or moved from the above drawer.

I still have the bottom oven drawer and the dish cabinets to do.

And on an entirely different topic, here is a photo of my lilac bush. The white one on the other
side of the yard always blooms later.  I didn't get a picture of my magnolia tree this year, but it
wasn't as full or as pretty this year anyhow.

I did finally venture out to the grocery store in the early morning that was set aside for at risk folks. I wore a mask and latex gloves which I turned inside out and threw away when I got to my car.  The checkout aisles had plexi-glass separating the clerks from the customers. Surprisingly,  not all the workers wore masks which I thought was a bit irresponsible.  There were very few customers and we kept out of each other's way like not going down an aisle if someone was already there.
Finally, I got everything I wanted including the brands and sizes I wanted.  I wrote detailed  notes on my lists but my sister-in-law goes to Walmart and I go to my local family run grocery store so she had to make substitutes.  She and my son overall did well, but it just wasn't the same. Plus I bought fish which I wasn't about to try and have them pick out!
I also went to the drugstore.  There were too many things that I had to choose which to get. I doubled everything so I won't have to go back for a long while.
So whether it was the wisest thing to do, I did it anyhow.

Mike and I are still doing fine--hanging in there. We've been watching an eight-part documentary on The Roosevelts and The Last Dance about Michael Jordon and the Chicago Bulls.  Both are really good.  I just ordered three more books from Amazon for my Kindle.  I go through them fairly quickly.  Heather Graham has a thirty-one book series that I love.
Well I hope things are well with you all.  I'm enjoying reading your blogs once again.


  1. You're using your time well tidying the kitchen drawers. I have a few cook books, but only two that have been well used over the years. Your lilac tree is pretty. Lilac time is here too. Shopping can be an effort in this strange situation so I'm glad that you got what you needed and extra so that you don't have to go there again for a while. Tomorrow morning our daughter will do the weekly shop for us. She goes before work at 6 am but says that it is quiet and well organised with social distancing and a one way system around the store. We're not required to wear masks as there is a shortage and special medical masks are being reserved for medical staff and key workers. If I go out, which is only for a short walk I would wrap a scarf over my face. I don't know what I would do in warm weather. It looks as if we will be in lock down for a long time. Well, this is all the news for now. Take care, stay well. Speak soon. Linda.

  2. Doesn't it feel good to get all those cabinets and drawers cleaned out? Good for you! I did some of that recently and I had a lot of cookbooks I got rid of too.
    Glad you are stocked up again for a while!


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