Sunday, October 10, 2010

Standing out and the Monday Prayer

sometimes you have to leave your group
 even if it means you stand out in the crowd

if you relax and look at the situation from another perspective
you find that  not blending in is actually good

Once your eye dismisses the swing, which pink buds and red future bud catch your attention?

Here's the Monday Prayer:


Your Word says that having integrity will be a guide to me.
It will help me make sound moral judgements.
I pray that You would help me to be a person of integrity----
one who is honest and upright.
Help me to be sound and complete.
Make me whole so that my wholeness will keep my integrity
 from ever being compromised.
Let my integrity guide me
so that I am always able to make the right decision
at the right time.


The integrity of the upright will guide them,
but the perversity of the unfaithful will destroy them.
Proverbs 11:3

From a Stormie Omartian prayer book.


  1. It has never been easy for me to stand out, but you have illustrated so beautifully how very special it can be.
    This prayer is deeply moving. I want to live that way too. Then perhaps I will stand out in a way that glorifies Him.
    I love the picture in the previous post - so very sweet.

  2. Great reminder that we are not to conform to the world around us but to be transformed into His likeness! Not to be showy, but to glorify Him!

    Beautiful pics to illustrate this truth!

  3. well illustrated in word and image ... and what a great prayer to begin a new week ...

  4. What ARE those beautiful white flowers? They do look like a "clique," don't they? Yet the "stand-outs" don't seem any less beautiful. Just different : )

    God go with you into this new week, friend.

  5. Hi Beth, Great post. I enjoyed your Monday prayer...

    Your flower pictures are great --and you are right.... The pink and red one mixed in with the white are the ones to catch my eye.... That is a message for us not to conform to the crowd... We are all individuals and we need to bloom where we are planted!!!!


  6. okay now... you're making me use my brain.

  7. The white flowers are climatis. They came with this house. There is another bush on the other end of the porch that blooms equally well. However this year, the blooms were less because of the extreme heat. Usually you can barely see any green leaves and the bush climbs up not only to the upper screened-in porch, but half-way up it to the roof. This year it barely touched the screened-in porch. But as you can see, it still is beautiful.

  8. extraordinary photos and message, friend. xo

  9. Oh, I love these! My favorite photo is the third one, with the blurred pink flowers in front - such a beautiful composition and choice of f-stop. (I'm taking a photojournalism class so now I can say fun things like "f-stop." Haha.)

    And your message of "standing out from the crowd" is such a good reminder. The line from the prayer "Help me to be sound and complete" reminds me of the verse - "He fills everything in every way."

  10. Welcome To link in a poem to our potluck today, thanks a ton!

    hope to see you in.


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