Tuesday, October 19, 2010


I was the rubber band today. But unlike my grandson's intentions, the boys tugging and stretching
weren't testing motor skills or experimenting with a new 'toy'---they were being ---well----
immature--rebellious---those are the nicest words I can think of.. We had lock down drill today and it was during my worse class. Oh joy! If it had been for real, and there had been a gunman in the building, it
wouldn't have required excellent hearing to know there was a group of students in my room!

It went downhill from there. Four junior Advanced English (college prep) boys are seeing how far
they can push.  Today I have to shove back to let them know unequivocally that there is indeed a
line they don't cross in my room.  I truly dislike having to do that.  But I must or I lose control of my
room of 32 students.

But there were bright moments and this evening was one of them. We had an open house for
 the school levy. Few parents showed (big volley ball tournament away),but several of us teachers
went out to dinner between school's end and open house beginning. We relaxed and laughed and generally had a good time.

More laughter occurred when we returned to school ---there was a camaraderie there that has been missing.
 It is slowly coming back after dissension and frustration during the reign of the last principal.
This picture is from our vacation in Hocking Hills this past August.  I chose this picture because
I had to tramp through the underbrush today to get to a pleasant 'spot', but I made it through.
 Writing this blog helped.

But the fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, longsuffering, gentleness, goodness, faith.
Galatians 5:22  (I needed this reminder.)


  1. Gorgeous photo. And I like your analogy of "tramping through the underbrush to get to a pleasant spot."

    Adorable photo of Aaron with his toes gripped around that "exercise band," gritting his teeth with effort!

    Thanks for the verse, too. A good reminder for us all : )

  2. thanks, i needed that.

  3. That was a great comparison and a good picture. I am sorry about your day, though.

  4. those of them would probably have been mine in that group....he just didn't like school at all....

    i'm glad you pushed back....teachers have to do that and i hate that we have kids that make you have to do that.....

    now that he's done with high school and at matc.....things are so much better :)


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