Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Corner View: Open-ended

There was no specified topic for corner view this week.
We could choose whatever we wanted.
This should be an especially interesting and quite eclectic 'view'
as we all choose our own 'direction'!

My ex-husband holding our youngest grandchild who was recently visiting from Texas.
In the background is my daughter (from Texas) and my son's daughter.

My ex's wife who for 15 years was my best friend.

What you don't see is me sitting between them.
This was the day after having gone to their home for a birthday party for Abby (from Texas).

I'm comfortable sitting between them.
We're quite comfortable with each other and the way our lives turned out.
We laugh together A LOT.
Pretty cool, huh?!

The healing power of God through grandchildren.
(Also the healing power of forgiveness, not just of them,
but especially of myself
after the extremely important acknowledgement
of my part in the destruction of the marriage and friendship.)
Oh---also gratitude---lots of it.

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  1. God's grace extends far beyond our understanding. Hope you have a good day, Beth.

  2. Would that certain members of my extended family were so wise. They all seem to have their own agenda. I grew up with them, so I should be used to their peculiarities. But still...

    How are you doing, Beth?


  3. What a great view! This has to be healthier for everyone. The big winners are your kids and grandkids.

  4. Adorable children! How wonderful you have given the gift of forgiveness to your children by getting along so well with your husband's ex. I am sure it makes it easier for your daughter and your grandchildren. It is too bad that more people can't give thier children this gift. My best friends parents wouldn't even talk to each other at her wedding and sat on opposite sides. It made my friend cry.

  5. Well, this needs to be respected. Not an easy one! I know what I'm talking about. So I give you my congrats to such an amount of forgiveness. Your kids and grandkids are really lucky ones! Always better to laugh together instead of battling each other...

  6. What a blessing to your kids that you are able to get along well - actually it's good for all involved!

  7. this is a good thing, all the way around.

  8. I think it's great that everyone understand each other well.

  9. God has blessed you and yours beyond belief. So happy for you.

  10. I think that forgiving is the most Christ-like thing we can do -- and yet it is often the hardest. It's a great gift you are giving your grandchildren. God bless you and your family!

  11. you picked a wonderful corner of your life. so good to hear of healing in this way.

  12. It's wonderful that you all are able to get along and create such loving memories for your children and grandchildren. I think that speaks volumes about your character!

  13. ps Any word on the animals? There's no more coverage here on the news.

  14. A beautiful testimony. I love how you all were able to make the family a bigger and happy family. LOVE it!! xo

  15. very cool!
    well done, you guys.
    life's too short, and all that.

  16. You have super emotional intelligence in order to have made all these things happen!!! My admiration goes out to you, Beth.

  17. I came by way of Susan and so nice to meet you...

    Only God could provide the grace for your situation...Isn't it amazing how powerful forgiveness really is.....

  18. What a good feeling it must be to look back and know that you've taken the right turn, however difficult it must have been at the time. You must be a very strong and wise person.


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