Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Barn Charm #26

These photos were taken in October 2011.
This barn and outbuilding are on a side road off of Rt. 40 East
between Columbus and Zanesville, Ohio.

I like the haphazard 'arrangement' of mailboxes
and the blue container leaning against a partly cut-down tree.
I think that may be a chicken coop or perhaps it's a rabbit hatch.
The other building is a mere spot in the upper right-hand corner.

I like how this shows the puzzle of fall in 2011 Ohio.
It could not make up its mind: many trees lost their leaves,
but some held on persistently.
Folks were still mowing lawns in the middle of November
 which has not been the norm for awhile.

I guess the angle from which I took it makes the barn look lop-sided.
The ground it is on is only slightly sloping.

This is my favorite shot.
I like the variation of colors and textures.
I hope you enjoyed these.

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For those of you who follow Corner View,
our hostess,
 Francesca of Fuoriborgo,
is without Internet due to the severe ice storms
that have hit parts of Europe.
For some photos of that storm
check out Fuoriborgo (ice storm)
and Fuoriborgo snowed in.


  1. cj is starting her 2nd term this week. she is hanging in there.

    i like your header photo. i like seeing the footprints winding around.

  2. that building in the last shot is rather strange looking. I have been known to spend ages trying to straighten out an image only to realize later that it was the ground or curve of the road that made it look unlevel!

  3. There is so much character in these old buildings Beth. I often wonder what stories they are holding within their walls.
    I love your header picture too. It is stunning.

  4. I like the old barns you found - that last shot is my favorite!

  5. Great barns and old buildings, Beth. When I see old buildings like that, I always wonder what has gone on in the buildings all through the years.... Loved your photos!!!!

    Hope you are doing okay.

  6. You are one "out and about" lady. I'm not so much "barn" related as "photo" involved. You always do nicely.

  7. Great photos of a beautiful old barn. I love the green roof. I also like that last photo alot. You are in southeast Ohio...I am in Southwest Ohio. Ohio has great barns!

  8. Yes, that last shot is my favorite. I wonder if it is a pig barn... it looks to big to be for chickens...

  9. Nice barn photos.

    Regards and best wishes

  10. They're all pretty cool ol barns, but I really like that 1st one w/ the green roof!

    Thanks for joining =)

  11. Barns like these just seem to have a story to tell and character of their own.

    Hope your school year is going well and that you are feeling OK.

  12. Barns like these just seem to have a story to tell and character of their own.

    Hope your school year is going well and that you are feeling OK.

  13. that last one is my fave, too - as you said, the different colors and textures are so interesting.

  14. great shots. thanks, for sharing. i love the weeds are blowing in the breeze & it looks like you can reach out & touch them. so cool. what did you do the last photo ... that is such a great look. i would hate to be without my internet / power ... wow. i sure hope it will be back on soon. poor thing. we have been lucky in virginia not to have a bad storm this year. (:

  15. Me, too. The last photo is my seems alive with light.


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