Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Barn Charm # 65 and Prayer of the Week

This looks like it might have once been used for storing farm equipment.
It now stores lots of mattresses.
I'm not sure why.

I could only get this from far away
 and was having trouble getting the barn to show
 through the barb wire fence and winter shrubs.
So I went with black and white.
Both pics were taken out west of town
after a snowfall two weeks ago.

I'm combining two posts today.

Therefore, here's the 
Prayer for the Week:
Dear Lord, 
Your love is eternal and Your laws are everlasting.
When I obey Your commandments, I am blessed.
Today, I invite You to reign over every corner of my heart.
I will have faith in You, father.
I will sense Your presence;
I will accept Your love;
I will trust Your will;
and I will praise You for the Savior of my life:
Your Son Jesus.

Tough week ahead for me at school.
I will need to keep this prayer 'front and center' in my mind and heart
in order to get through it all.

May you all have a blessed rest of the week!

I am joining Tricia at Barn Charm.


  1. That barn doesn't look like it'll stand for too long. They better get the mattresses out! :)

  2. Looks like the barn could be pushed over with one hand.

  3. Oh boy, it looks like it's ready to fall. Sure looks pretty with the snow!

  4. ha, mattresses?! at least when it topples over it will have a soft fall!

  5. Amen! Beautiful prayer & I love it!
    The 1st barn is a leaner, just a tad, but oh so beautiful, too.

    Thank you very much for joining, Beth, I appreciate you! =)

  6. oh, is that barn leaning. i love your prayer. Bless You! so precious! had issues with the link up last night.... sorry to be late on commenting here. ( :

  7. Hello, Beth. I join you in prayer that we will sense the Lord's presence this week, know His love for us and receive His strength. Hope the weather over your way is not too disruptive. (That barn looks really unstable and it wouldn't take much for it to collapse).


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