Sunday, January 6, 2013

My uploading problem is fixed for now.

I take this computer forgranted.
I assume when I sit down and need something to work,
it will.
I'm really thrown a curve when something does not work,
as in my recent problem of not being able to access my files.

Two answers:
1. My husband (an IT genius who used to make his living
 fixing John Morrell's company computers) quickly discovered 
that if I used Google Chrome, the usual 'button' came up on my post screen.
To my astonishment, just because he put Google Chrome on my computer 
did not mean I was using it when I logged in.
No, I was still using Internet Explorer.
I had to click on the Google Chrome icon and access my blog from it.
I had not been doing that.
He then fixed it so that when I clicked on the icon, two choices came up
and one was my blog, thus making it quite easy for even me to access it.

2. He somehow got on a section of Blogger that announced that they knew
that for many blogger customers, the usual access 'button' was missing.
They were trying to figure out the problem and fix it.

He figures that Microsoft ran their usual security patch every Wednesday
and something in Blogger was not compatible, so the patch rendered it nonexistent.
He says someone in Blogger is most likely
 rewriting a program to make this particular access work again.
IT would not allow Microsoft to run such security patches on John Morrell's systems
without specific notification and permission.

So if you know of anyone experiencing this problem, 
they need to check what program they are using.
I had checked and saw that I had plenty of space on my google account,
so that was not the problem.

However,  I had been told by Blogger several months ago
 that I needed to use an updated program
 such as Google Chrome, Foxfire, etc. 
and though I thought I was using one, I wasn't.

If your program is not the problem, then it's a blogger system problem
that they are working on.

My husband did the following today:
1. Got my posting method working again
2. Set up my docker station for my MP3 player.
3. Updated my MP3 player so the remote control worked with it.
and managed to save my music at the same time ---
he had wiped his music out when he updated his awhile back.
4. Connected my Kindle Fire HD to wireless and got that working for me.
{The docker is esp. for MP3 players and he searched until he found one
for me for Christmas.
The Kindle Fire HD was also a gift from him for Christmas.}

In conclusion, I would be up a technological creek without a paddle
if I didn't have such a talented husband.

I'm fixing him steak for supper tonight.

Thanks to all of you who responded to my plea for help.


  1. Glad you got your computer problem sorted, Beth. Lovely to have someone in the family who could help. Hoping you have a good week.

  2. Glad it is all sorted out ... have a great week.

  3. You are blessed to have a great husband who is smart too!

  4. Computer speak is definitely not my language...

  5. Could you send him my way?! My laptop died. So sad.

  6. Glad you got it handled... and by a dear one. That is a real help... both in hand and heart.


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