Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Happy Moments: Aaron eating cake!

My daughter limits her children's sugar intake.
Last Christmas was the first time we saw Aaron eat a cookie.
This year he got a piece of cake.

Apparently the night before at the Chinese restaurant,
he was served a piece of his mother's birthday cake.
No one saw him eat it; he ate it that quickly-
one minute it was there; the next it was gone!

So we all gathered round to watch him eat this piece.
My son had his I-Phone recording the 'moment,'
which he then sent out to other family members.

Sara's face is a good representation of most of our faces.

No utensils for Aaron---simply fingers.

He scooped up extra icing
and then licked his fingers.

Happy boy!
His cousin Addy doesn't see what the big deal is:
it's just cake!


  1. it's fun to eat with fingers.
    i see that the pretty red head has a new hair cut, very cute.

  2. Thanks to her brother, who cut a chunk out of the back of her long hair necessitating a hair stylist's talent.

  3. Great shots, Beth... Aaron is a cute little guy... I'd be scooping that cake up and eating it with my fingers too --especially if I didn't eat sweets very often... ha.. What a great treat for him...

    Sounds like you had a marvelous Christmas and holiday season. Can't believe it came and went so quickly...

    Happy 2013.

  4. I loved the pictures! He is adorable.

  5. Christmas is always better with cake! :)
    Happy 2013!

  6. Special treats are the best! A lovely smile after the event, too.


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