Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Barn Charm # 68

I have featured these barns before.
However, I thought I would show them as the seasons change.
These were taken after a might snowstorm had hit
and it was finally safe to venture out on hilly side roads.

This barn apparently got hit hard last summer in the brutal storm that torpedoed
through the Midwest.

There are actually two separately owned farms here.
The one on the left is comprised of four farms and a brick homestead.
The one on the right is the only one for its very small 'farm'.

This is one of my favorites. 
 People always comment on how close it is to the road.

This is part of a farm that is directly across the road from the barn
in the previous picture.  
The road winds up behind it to yet another 'homestead'.
Some day I hope to take that road.

For more barns,
please visit Tricia's blog.


  1. It's nice to see these barns in another season. The red ones look so pretty in the snow!

  2. i remember that little red barn...i like your snowy assortment!

  3. cool. i love them in the snow ... fun to see the different seasons. ( :

  4. Good old country barns and roads! : )

  5. Funny how the seasons change the view. Enjoyed seeing the difference.

  6. Neat, Beth... I love seeing the same photos in different seasons. Love your snow --although I'm sure you are VERY tired of it. We just didn't get much here this winter.


  7. Beautiful series of winter shots!

  8. They're all great & look so pretty in the snow, esp that deep red!

    Thank you for joining =)

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