Monday, March 25, 2013

Thoughts and Monday's Prayer

This car sits out by our old stone block garage.
It was my husband's nephew's.
Hubby's sis gave it to him for our grandkids,
but they are a bit too old for it.
Another sis's granddaughter would enjoy it,
but the nephew can't stand her,
so that is not an option.

It's a shame how something said or written on a bad day
mushrooms into where parts of a family
won't come to a holiday celebration
because it's at a certain person's house.

Now it turns out that the nephew and his girlfriend
are expecting.
He has refused to marry her for years
and it doesn't look like this baby is changing his mind.
At this point, I'm not sure she would marry him.

So a baby is coming into the world 
to a couple who will love him/her,
but who, though in their 30s,
are still in need of growing up (him)
and getting confidence to deserve better treatment (her).

But it looks like this car will go back to its original owner.

I like how one slight turn of a nob on my camera
turns this wheel almost fluorescent.

A view from the cemetery back of our house.
It's up on a hill, so I got lots of shots of my town
from a different perspective.
The red building is actually across the street from the front of our home.

Here is a close up of the building.
It was the town's ice house before electricity.
You would get a block of ice and it would keep in an ice box
in your home for about three days.
Food stayed cold, but not frozen.
You could also rent a spot in the building to keep food in.

Hubby's grandparents were regular customers.
They lived three houses down from where we live now.

I don't know who owns it,
but I would love to go inside.
My favorite part is the weather vane on top: two roosters facing each other.

 Here are signs of spring on the very day that I slugged through heavy snow to the top of the back hill to take pics of our 'last snow fall of the year'.
This area is protected underneath our second floor
screened-in porch.
On the edge of that part of my flower garden, here is my thyme encased in  snow and ice.
I liked the contrast of the two and how each can exist just a few steps from each other:
the plant held still by snow and ice and the plants shooting up green, thumbing their noses at winter, letting it know spring is coming despite
winter's efforts to postpone it.

Monday's Prayer
Help me to embrace the moments of my life
that are hard to get my arms around.
Enable my eyes to see You in them.
Help me to always acknowledge the abundance
of Your goodness to me.
I lift to You the deepest struggles in my life.
I trust You to open my eyes to see all
You have for me in them.
Reveal to me the fullness of it all.
Thank You that I can be filled with the joy of Your presence 
in every step I take,
because You have given me 
the light I need for whatever step
I am on.

In the day when I cried out, You answered me,
and made me bold with strength in my  soul.
Psalm 138:3

I face a problem student today
and pray for the right words for the situation.

Blessings to you all as you begin this week.


  1. The snow is pretty but I like the signs of Spring best! Glad that little dog was rescued - poor thing.
    We have a little car like that for Alaina. I got it from a friend whose grandkids outgrew it. She should have fun with it this summer

  2. I took the dog story out--I thought it made the post too long. Mari saw it though. I will post it again later.

  3. the new it comes
    ready or not

  4. Sad about Family Situations... It seems to be in all families at one time or the other... Some people seem to hold grudges forever. We are ALL human and we all have our good parts and our not-so-good parts. We just need to accept each other... Very SAD!!!

    We have snow too, Beth, but not as much as you. I talked about it on my blog post today... You have some pretty photos today--especially the ones of the snow... Beautiful!!!! BUT--like everyone these days, most of us are truly ready for some SPRING....


  5. Love to hear about how it us where you different from where I am! Spring will come...this is mad, mad March, alright!


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