Monday, March 11, 2013

Bits and Pieces, Prayer Request, and Monday's Prayer

Texas grandson Aaron's 4th birthday is today.
I will call him later this afternoon.
I created a Smilebox card for him and sent it yesterday.
I love Smilebox because you can do so much with it--
I use it to create slideshow cards,
which a certain little boy loves.

This past Tuesday, 
I bundled up and walked up the hill behind our house to the old cemetery there.
It was hopefully our last big snowfall.
Here are a few pics of my town.
I used my zoom lens to take them.
Once again, I was reminded of how much I love this place
where I live.

This is my co-teacher for one period.
He is an inclusion specialist and recently turned 29.
He is a wonderful young man who quickly became like a son to me.
Oh how we have laughed together!

However, he is not teaching right now 
because back in January, he was diagnosed with stage 3 lymphoma.
He is undergoing chemo.
Next week he will have a scan to see where the cancer stands:
if it is gone, improved, or the same.
Obviously we are praying for it being gone.
He still will have to have two more chemo treatments 
as a safeguard,
and his doctor does not want him to return this year.
But he is on the roster for next year.
Please lift him up in prayer.

State testing begins today.
I will do practice testing with freshmen.
The other English teacher has the sophomores in class,
so she handles their OGTs (Ohio Graduation Tests).
It's a cra -a-zy week!

Monday's Prayer:
Thank You, Jesus, that because I have received You, 
You have given me the authority to become a child of God,
because I believe in, adhere to, and rely on Your name.
Adapted for John 1:12

God, I pray that You will increase and I will decrease more and more.
Adapted from John 3:30
(Guess what book of the Bible I'm reading right now!) :>)

Blessings to you as you begin the week.


  1. Happy Birthday to Aaron. He is a cutie! As always, I love your pictures. Praying for your friend!

  2. My cousin's husband had lymphoma back in the 80's. He had treatment over the course of a year in Houston. He was completely cured. It was a rough year. He was terribly sick the entire year. But, he was cured. I pray for the same results for your friend.

    You have a lovely town and a darling little Texas grandson!

  3. What a precious boy! I will pray with you for Aaron - @and that He will carry you through this difficult week.

  4. Hi Beth, Happy Birthday to your adorable grandson... Love your snow pictures also.. Such a neat little town. I can understand why you love it.

    Prayers for your friend. SO young for someone to be fighting with cancer... God be with him.

    Hope you have a good week of testing.


  5. Beth, it is our privilege to join you in prayer for your colleague who was recently diagnosed with cancer and undergoing chemotherapy.

  6. Wonderful series of photos. Prayers for your friend. How wonderful to have someone to laugh with.

  7. I enjoyed seeing bits and pieces of your busy life. May God touch your friend with healing and peace.

  8. Prayers offered for him.
    I appreciate your comment on my meditation post. I also do the journaling you described :)

  9. That's a nice photo of Aaron on the chair...i am beginning to see future handsome signs.
    The snow photos are pretty. I bet it was a good walk.
    Your co-teacher...hard stuff. I'm glad you asked for prayer.

    We had two days of sun, which brought out a few more flowers on the forsythia. And in town where it is lower and warmer, i have seen daffodils in some yards. Today we are back to a grey coloured sky. I brought in some of the forsythia and put it in a vase.


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