Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Corner View: Before and After

The day we moved, my husband apparently didn't have enough to do,
so he cut down a tree!
Seriously, the tree had many dead branches,
 was blocking other healthier trees from getting necessary sunlight,
and was preventing the Dish Network satellite from doing its job.
(My husband does love his TV!)
Also, my husband had plenty of help.

After the 'standing around while looking and talking about it'
male ritual,
the unanimous decision was
"Let's do this!"

Of course, that was an easy decision for most of them,
as it was my husband who climbed the tree to secure a heavy rope.

The rope was attached to the back of my brother-in-law's pick up truck
and was used to guide the tree's fall.

The tree has since been mostly cut up into fire wood
with bits and pieces piled for a future bon fire.

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  1. Cut down a tree on moving day? Good grief! I hope you left him plenty to do rather than taking on the rest of the moving tasks by yourself!

  2. On the day of the move? :) Well, you made it and since moved successfully.

  3. Good choice for before and after! It's good to have it gone, and I'm glad there was plenty of help for him.

  4. Wow! Your husband is very efficient for cutting down a tree :)

  5. wow ... that was a BIG tree :)

  6. oh, I could use some of that firewood! :)

  7. Awesome hubby to climb that tree and get everything set....

  8. that is one handy husband. and brave!

  9. To say the least, I'm very impressed. Haven't climbed trees since I "lived" in them when I was a kid. Practicality won this whole event for you and your hubby.


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