Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Corner View: Roadside

 If you were in our small town this past Saturday,
you would have seen  an amazingly huge crowd of people 
sitting and standing on either side of one of the two main roads.
The annual Pumpkin Festival Parade was from 2 - 3:30.
We were actually sitting further up on this hillside.
Our friends own a huge bed and breakfast
and we gather there with lots of others
to watch the parade.

In our small town, folks get more excited about
old and new tractors than almost anything else in the parade.

This is just one of the fracking wells
that stand tall along the roadside
as I drive to and from work.
They are in the process of installing this one.
It will be there for about 6 weeks,
then they will dismantle it 
and move it to another spot.

If you happened to be on a certain section of Rt. 146 yesterday afternoon
and glanced over to the side,
you would have seen these beautiful girls 
posing for Homecoming 2013 pictures.

We took pics of them in dressy outfits up at the school
and then had them change into their country girl look.
The photographer and I began this 'tradition'
last year.
I am all for being proud of our country roots.

The three on the left, in the picture below,
are freshman, sophomore, and junior reps for the court.
The next five are the senior candidates for Homecoming Queen.
For those of you not in America,
I'm not quite sure how to explain Homecoming,
but it is a major tradition at most high schools here.
(At least I think so!  It is in Ohio.)
For more roadside views from different spots throughout the world,
check out Francesca's.                .


  1. i like the chic country girls! :)

  2. You had a great spot to watch the parade. We have lots of tractors in our parades too.
    I love the country girl look!

  3. sophomore, homecoming they are terms i have come across in movies, yes, and here's me still not always getting the difference between high school and college because in our language those actually mean the inverse in grade! ha!
    but they're looking great, all of 'em. i feel a donna tartt coming up (yeah?), and lucky me, she's gone and published a new novel, AT LAST.
    i love your street, beth.
    i'm jeaous of your street, beth.
    i'm so lucky i know YOU, beth, to come stare at country beauty.

  4. I love all your photos because they show American life as I imagine. Great!

  5. this is really american life as i imagen it and know it a little bit ( in 1988/89 i have lived one year there!), the funny ( wel for me funny) but amazing nice parade!! the girls being there for them Homecoming pictures and the big thing at the roadside!
    Thanks Beth!

  6. There is a pumpkin days celebration in a small town here, too. Enjoyed seeing these pictures.

  7. Everyone LOVES a parade --and the small town parades are the BEST..... Looks like you had a great time.

  8. I like the country girl look they are sporting! Of course, they are such pretty girls - they would look cute in flour sacks!

  9. Such beauties ! And a great roadside story, so full of live and community, the pumpkin parade looks so fun, your roadside could be a full length movie, ever-changing!! Happy days to you! Happy homecoming;))♡

  10. wow! it is like stumbling into the american life of my imagination. but how will you ever choose the queen? the girls are all gorgeous.


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