Tuesday, April 24, 2018

My New Studio!

 My new studio is on the second floor and is 20 by 24 feet.  This  doesn't show the whole length because  I blocked out a double bed and dresser that has stuff piled on them.  I need to tackle that corner.
 Right now everything is lined up below the four windows.  The chair and TV will be moved to down by the end windows.
Looking out a window into the yeard. It's hazy because of the screen.  The yard is mainly dirt and still needs grass sod on it.
 Showing off the deep purple color that I had the alcove painted as an accent wall.
 The desk was Mike's.  He was going to install a counter top almost the whole length of the alcove but I liked the roomier desk.  The counter would have been narrower and I wouldn't have a place for the chest with the printer on top.  We're going to paint it.  The dresser was my dad's.  The artist desk has been put  away for 24 years.  It is now 'seeing daylight'.
 Pictures of the flooring.  It's a distressed white with gray undertones.

Looking out the other end and down the hall past a closet on either side leading into the old office which eventually will be a full bath.  Right now we have a half bath. You  can see way down into the old master bedroom.  We have a new master bedroom downstairs near the full bath which has been there all along.  We would take our stuff downstairs to get ready every morning.  Now we have two walk-in closets in the new bedroom.  I will show it another time.

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  1. Love it, Beth.... I especially love the flooring you all put in up there. Love your view also... I'd be staring out of the windows constantly.. LOVE it.


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