Wednesday, April 18, 2018

Oldest granddaugher and a dance

Peyton is 15 now.  This was for a St. Patrick's Day dance. That's a jumper she has on meaning shorts not skirt.  I gulped when I saw the shortness of it, but then I remembered how short I wore my skirts in high school. Check out those shoes!  She loves them! So do I!

 Peyton is the oldest of my son Doug's kids, though he has a 19 yr. old step-son Colton who is studying in Austria this semester on an exchange from his school: Ohio University of Athens, Ohio.
Peyton will get  her permit in 6 months.  I'm curious to see what kind of car she drives.  Her dad's truck  is a company vehicle so he'll get her something to kick around in. He's looking now for a good used one that's not pricey but of course, is safe.

The weather was a 'balmy' 45 but the temps are to plummet and more snow tonight.   I don't know where spring went to, but I wish it would find its way  back!

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