Saturday, April 21, 2018

The baby of the family

 This is the baby of our family.  Andrew Roy (Roy was my dad's name) was 11 months at the time of these pictures.
 This my daughter Sara holding her son who was a surprise, but a welcome one.  With the other two 6 and 8 (now 7 and 9), she is really getting to enjoy Andrew.
Grandpa was his favorite--he wasn't too sure about me!

I'm just now getting my Christmas pictures off my camera and I came upon these pictures of Andrew and had to show them off.  I adore this kid!  He is so happy and self-amused--a great baby!  Can you tell I'm proud?! 

Sara and her husband Jory and their children: Aaron, Abigail, and Andrew stayed with us for four days.  Thanks to the new addition, everyone had their own room which helped everyone sleep longer.
There are three bedrooms upstairs now plus the old office which is where the baby slept.

Abigail got the new studio which she loved.  It has an accent wall of purple and the sheets on the bed are purple --her favorite color.  She was quite happy and had to tell everyone about her room!
Sara and Jory  got our old master bedroom and Aaron slept in what had been the only guest room.
Mike and I slept in our new master bedroom downstairs which we love.
Sara and family loved the arrangement.  At her dad's they would have shared one big room.  With five in the family it would have been quite crowded and they would have had trouble getting everyone to sleep at the same time.
I was thrilled we could offer them this freedom.  We all enjoyed our time together--lots of fun!


  1. Hi, I know you are excited about the renovations to your beautiful home... Glad you have room for the family --especially to have their own bedrooms... NEAT!!!!

    Congrats on the new grandson. He is gorgeous.

    Hope spring is coming to your area... I think MAYBE it is finally coming here!!!


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